October 12, 2004

Updates on Bowling Shirts!

For the record, we've broken eleven bowling shirt orders (which vastly exceeds my original expectation, which was 'me and my mother.' Particularly when one realizes my mother didn't actually want one. Bitch.

Well, beyond making me a happy panda, this means the base bowling shirt cost is now down to the $31.95 price point. Which is likely where it's going to stay, since we'd need another ten people to hit the $26.95 price point, and I don't see that happening.

So, $31.95 for the shirt, +$4.00 for Priority Mail shipping. +$4.95 per word if you want an embroidered name. YAY!

October 08, 2004

Bowling for Snarky!

And here we see the design for the Snarkoleptics Bowling Shirts, in all its Snarkoleptic glory. Ursula was good enough to provide a line art version of Snarky -- we're going with a single color run to keep costs down (in part because doing a black backed shirt means doing a white underlayer anyway -- so we might as well just go with white!) If you click on the thumbnail, you'll see a full sized version of the goodness.

The shirts themselves can be found here. We're going with the black and gold "Loungemaster" design -- black because black is cool, and gold because... well, because in a story called Round Robin I wrote with four other guys back in the early 90's that maybe three people reading this have ever even heard of, I was Gold. Look, I don't have to justify myself to you. Plus, this particular shirt goes up to 4X in a practical sense (they advertise 5X, but not until 2005 -- and they're restocking the 3X and 4X as it is, but we're in no rush). The Snarkoleptics logo will go on the back. If someone wants a white chainstitched name on the front, it's available at a nominal extra cost (I'll be getting it, myself, but it's up to the individuals ordering it).

The cost depends on how many people want shirts. If we get five or under, it'll be $39.95 per shirt (not counting a chainstitched name). 6-10 shirts will be $35.95 per shirt. If we manage to break 11, it'll drop to $31.95, and if Hell freezes over and we get at least 21, it'll drop to $26.95. There's a slight markup (I don't know how much) for 3X and above, and shipping will be whatever the cheapest shipping cost from my place to yours will be (express mail, most likely). I'm going to cover the setup fees and shipping from their place to mine, so don't sweat that.

We're only going to order as many shirts as I get prepaid for, mind. I'm not going to get any extra (though we can always print more later on if other folks want some -- though we'll be starting over on volume, then). I for one am definitely doing this -- and if mine's the only shirt, mine's the only shirt. A number of folks have said "yeah! I wanna do this!" too, but I don't consider that "binding" since no one's heard prices before now.

So. Assume that only 5 people want to do this. That's $40 for a shirt. Plus another $5 for a name on the front if you want it. We've currently got between 6 and 10, so it's currently $35.95 for a shirt, plus $4.95 for a name on the front if you want it! (And as of this writing, four more shirts will reduce that to $31.95.) Plus however much Priority Mail costs from New Hampshire to whereever you live -- probably less than five bucks. If you want to be a part of this here thingy, either comment on this entry here, or on Livejournal (I'll see it on either the Websnark user or the Websnark_Feed user. (Why do we have two feeds on Livejournal? Um... no clue.) or send me another email at websnark AT gmail DOT com -- note that even if you've already said "yeah, count me in!" say it again now, so we can get a hard count.

My thought is to get people to set the final costs on October 13, based on how many folks chime in with a "me! Me! Me!" and start collecting money via Paypal or other forms. Note that I'll need money before ordering, as this is a 0 margin thing for me (I'm not making any money on these shirts). When we've collected all the money, I'll submit the order and the fun will begin.

If you just can't swing this kind of money, don't sweat it. There will be a Cafepress shop up with some much less expensive stuff in it soon enough, and you can grab that. Or you can not grab anything if you'd rather not grab anything, and I'm okay with that too. Just your being here is enough for me.

But still, man. Bowling shirts. If nothing else, we're distinctive.

October 06, 2004

Snarkoleptics are go! Er, sort of.

Well, having confirmed at least five or six people who consider themselves "fans," and having had the name "Snarkoleptics" coined to describe them, I'm pleased to announce we in fact do have both a fandom and a mascot.

Here we have Snarky, first seen as the art for my Comixpedia column "Feeding Snarky," taking a nap alongside the Sunday funnies. This is, and I use these words sparingly if ever, 'teh cute.' Thanks to the power of persuasion (and money, though I kind of had to force it on her), Ursula "Digger" Vernon has created the perfect depiction of our Snarkasaurus... er, napping.

What does this mean?

Well, first off it means we're going to have some light merchandise available. Nothing major -- some tee shirts with catchphrases, a Snarkoleptics coffee mug, thong underwear that says "You had me and you lost me...." that kind of thing.

What? No, seriously, what? Oh. No. Snarky won't be appearing on underwear, damn it. He's a strictly non-underwear kind of mascot.

Secondly, it means Bowling Shirts will happen. Now, those don't count as Merchandise, because I won't make a cent on them. Nor will they be available in any kind of "store." If you're interested in getting a Snarkoleptics bowling shirt, comment on here or send me email at websnark AT gmail DOY com and I'll get numbers together for how much they'll cost apiece.

Thirdly, it means the page has a mascot now. And darn it, it's even cuter than a sniper rifle toting kitten.

God, I love my life.