February 26, 2005

[weds] Platform Occupation (or, I Will Punch You In the Face)

For reasons best left to your imagination, I found myself wrapped in both endorphins and unsugared blood this evening. I was looking for distraction in the Borders, but, sadly, I found the Laurell Hamilton.

And the fellows. But we shall, shortly, get to the fellows. (RSS readers: I'm being conservative; full article on site.)

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February 24, 2005

[weds] The Tricky Biscuit Dilemma.

Okay. You see, I live in the United Kingdom. (You know where London is? Well, you get on a train and then you're where I am. Not a tube train. The tube doesn't go there, so you have to change at Waterloo.)

We have biscuits.

He's in New England. They don't really have biscuits, notwithstanding import shops.

Meanwhile, despite an abortive attempt to repackage the Wotsit over here (and an unusual permutation of the brand in France), we don't really have Cheetos. And that's what I have people ship over when they're feeling like they have to send food: Cheetos. I miss Cheetos. (And Kraft Dinner, but you don't need to know about my neuroses.)

I don't intend to actually, you know, produce Cheetos as a reward, at least much, but it's tempting. We might have to locate a generic.

[weds] Well Merited Catatonia! (or, Dude.)

Okay, so the thing is, there wasn't a lot going on this afternoon until Eric got metaphorically tapped on the shoulder. Apparently, there's a big old ad in the current Previews for Penny and Aggie, which... you know... it's Penny and Aggie, it's about to be in print, it's a grandness.

That wasn't the point.

The point was that the ad proclaims, hugely: "Winner of the 2004 Shortbread Award for Down-to-Earth Humor!"

The solicitation then goes on to quote the explanation why.

So he's been all, well...

eab: By the way? Holy *fuck.*
eab: I mean, *Dude.*
eab: Dude.
eab: Holy fuck.

for, like, ages, at least if IM's any indication, and I suspect he's sort of gently rocking back and forth over there from the dude and the holy fuck. Especially the dude part.

Well, and also especially the holy fuck part. I think he's a little awed.

So, I'm like, "You know, I could co-opt your blog and say something about this." And he somehow managed to not make my login "dude" or my password "holy fuck." Which is good. Because, you know, then you'd know what it was.

So, basically: Hey. The Shortbreads? Mentioned in a Previews solicitation. Eric? Mentioned by name. So, everyone?


Eric? Wake up, Eric. Dude.

August 30, 2004

FAQ: Cast Page

So, I've received more than one note from folks that while it's all well and good for me to campaign for webcomic cast pages, I don't have one of my own here on

"But..." I said in reply. "This isn't a webcomic."

"Put up or shut up," they replied.

So. Here's my cast page. Enjoy.

burnsbio.jpegEric Alfred Burns is one of the heroes of our story. Like all good English majors, he makes his living as a systems administrator. He also has a bad habit of writing. Born in a very small town in the very far north of Maine, Eric has lived in different places in Maine, in New Hampshire, in Ithaca and Syracuse, New York, and in Seattle, Washington. He currently lives in New Hampshire, but is wondering if his roots are beginning to get a touch long and therefore need uprooting.

While systems administration puts food on his table, Eric lists his occupation as writer. In addition to, Eric has written and published short fiction and poetry. He has also written for and designed Role Playing Games, including work for Decipher and Steve Jackson Games. He was one of the primary authors on the ENnie nominated Sidewinder: Wild West Adventures, and the subsequent Sidewinder: Recoiled won the Gold ENnie for best Electronic Game (non-free). He's listed as a contributing author on Recoiled, and would be much prouder if the sum total of his 'contributions' wasn't stuff from the first edition of the game which they rewrote parts of to make it sound less like the somewhat urbane Bat Masterson and more like Festus from Gunsmoke. But Hell, they got the gold with it, so why should he complain?

In the webcomics world, Eric writes a monthly column called "Feeding Snarky" and occasional features and reviews for Comixpedia, where they have learned to curse his procastinating name.

In addition, Eric has the unfortunate distinction of being an amateur novelist, but is deep into work on a novel that will hopefully change his professional standings. He has tried his hand at webcartooning himself, and epitomizes the old saw "those who can't draw, snark." He has learned from this mistake and is now hard at work at writing webcomics instead. He is hard at work on Gossamer Commons, as drawn by Greg Holkan.

Eric has a cat named Sarah, which is short for Seraphim Kyriotate. He has yet to notice angelic behavior from her. He can be reached at "websnark" "at" "gmail" "dot" "com." It's like a reverse rebus, isn't it?

wedsbiol.pngWednesday White is, at best, a cameo in all things. An uneducated boor, she used to sneak onto university newspapers' staff because the high school papers wouldn't let her in. Every few years, it occurs to her to write something. This time, it landed her in webcomics. "If I write about it for a little while, I'll learn how to do my own sensibly." God help us all.

This way lay contributing to Comixpedia, then throwing stuff at The Webcomics Examiner. At the moment, Wednesday is the associate features editor for 'Pedia, heading up columns, which means she's effectively Eric's editor. Everyone can laugh now!

Wednesday's proudest creative achievement to date is having some of her artwork appear on a Bill Mallonee album traycard -- she imagines it's something like having your fanart appear as part of the packaging for your favourite TV show's DVD boxed set, only with whiskey involved.