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Zapruder #5

The Whiteboard, by Doc Nickel has a small poster up in the shop today, selling a rental car with minor damage.

I like these subtle refs, I have to admit.


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Someone link the thing directly, I can't find it!

Kristofer, the comic itself is "below the fold" on my computer, on the page that Eric linked above.

Ha! I missed it! Talk about subtle.

By the same token, the previous Whiteboard comic had someone wanting a high-powered paintball gun and asking if it would damage cars, so maybe it's just a reference to that.

This Zapruder is confirmed by the Creator here in their Forum: http://www.network54.com/Forum/message?forumid=90

We've got another one!


Seventh panel. Very subtle.

Actually, a "wrist rocket" is a slingshot. The cheap way for vandals to sling paintballs.

I came across this quite accidentally this morning.


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