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You know, I think I've seen those sensitivity training videos...

(From Narbonic! Click on the thumbnail for full sized tolerance!)

Sometimes, I can go on for hours about the subtextual relationships we find in stories. Sometimes, I can burble on about symbolism or meaning, or the underpinnings of comedy in webcomics. Sometimes, I can babble on and on about incredible nuances of meaning.


And sometimes I read a given comic strip and just laugh my ass off, because it's that damn funny.

Over to my side, you'll see my ass, over on the floor, because of Shaenon Garrity.

And so Garrity? Gets a biscuit. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


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I really don't want to see your ass anywhere, Eric. Especially given the vivid imagery you've provided on the state of your external integuement.

mmm, biscuit...

Both my roommate and myself absolutely loved today's Narbonic. It absolutely rocks and Shaenon shows that she has a lot of skill.

Modern Tales is lucky to have her, because I swear, Narbonic must be one of their *big* names to draw people in. It's that good.

Not to mention Artie rocks. :D

Robert A. Howard

Y'know, I just can't read Narbonic. And that's not a slur on its quality or anything; I just have enormous trouble with the lettering. I have to stop and squint and carefully make out every single word. And since there are so many words in every panel, that means the dialogue gets divorced from the pictures, making the action even harder to follow.

I have a similar problem with Goats, actually. It's not as wordy a strip, but I still find myself unable to read it smoothly. It's a shame I'm missing out on good strips this way.

I particularly like this strip because you can kind of see the gag constructing itself in the cartoonist's mind. The stock dramatic gesture (the against-the-wall slam) that comes instantly to mind in situations like this; the immediate realization that this will not technically work because of the tremendous size and mass differences between the two parties involved; and the decision to, when faced with this, find a way to make it work anyway instead of merely searching for something else. Yup. This is one's biscuit-quality, all right.

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