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[weds] Well Merited Catatonia! (or, Dude.)

Okay, so the thing is, there wasn't a lot going on this afternoon until Eric got metaphorically tapped on the shoulder. Apparently, there's a big old ad in the current Previews for Penny and Aggie, which... you know... it's Penny and Aggie, it's about to be in print, it's a grandness.

That wasn't the point.

The point was that the ad proclaims, hugely: "Winner of the 2004 Shortbread Award for Down-to-Earth Humor!"

The solicitation then goes on to quote the explanation why.

So he's been all, well...

eab: By the way? Holy *fuck.*
eab: I mean, *Dude.*
eab: Dude.
eab: Holy fuck.

for, like, ages, at least if IM's any indication, and I suspect he's sort of gently rocking back and forth over there from the dude and the holy fuck. Especially the dude part.

Well, and also especially the holy fuck part. I think he's a little awed.

So, I'm like, "You know, I could co-opt your blog and say something about this." And he somehow managed to not make my login "dude" or my password "holy fuck." Which is good. Because, you know, then you'd know what it was.

So, basically: Hey. The Shortbreads? Mentioned in a Previews solicitation. Eric? Mentioned by name. So, everyone?


Eric? Wake up, Eric. Dude.


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Holy fuck.


Dude! No, but seriously, get used to it. Your snarks are fun and smart. You're a good writer. I expect that within a few years the Shortbread recipients will be reacting the way you just have.

Of course, this means Eric needs to write the other Shortbreads, so that others can use their awards for solicitations.

*cracks whip*

You shouldn't be surprised, Eric. You're a damned good writer, but the thing about you is, you present your opinion, back it up, and stick by it. That commands a lot of respect, and you've wound up in the "well-respected critic" category. I come here every day because your thoughts on webcomics I read often mirror my own, and seeing a comic snarked positively by you is a nice way for me to feel safe about getting started reading a new series. But yeah, as Joshua said - get used to it. It's only gonna get more frequent.

And welcome, Wednesday! I look forward to your posts in the future! And it'll finally give me something to read when I come here and Eric's slackin' off. :P

Envy envy envy.

I've been doing this for over a decade, and I don't think I've ever been mentioned in an ad (some back cover copy here and there, yeah, but not ads) or solicitation.

Dude. That rocks.

Hey, it got me to sign up to comment here, didn't it? Heh.

Mr. Van Domelen! Firefox hates your link with the white-hot passion of a hundred thousand suns with fire in them. What?

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