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[weds] The Tricky Biscuit Dilemma.

Okay. You see, I live in the United Kingdom. (You know where London is? Well, you get on a train and then you're where I am. Not a tube train. The tube doesn't go there, so you have to change at Waterloo.)

We have biscuits.

He's in New England. They don't really have biscuits, notwithstanding import shops.

Meanwhile, despite an abortive attempt to repackage the Wotsit over here (and an unusual permutation of the brand in France), we don't really have Cheetos. And that's what I have people ship over when they're feeling like they have to send food: Cheetos. I miss Cheetos. (And Kraft Dinner, but you don't need to know about my neuroses.)

I don't intend to actually, you know, produce Cheetos as a reward, at least much, but it's tempting. We might have to locate a generic.


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Where in the United Kingdom, may I ask? Waterloo would be... somewhere in the east, in the Cambridge/Norwich area? Or have I forgotten which train station I came into when I was going to London from Norwich?

We have Biscuits, they're just different.

Like, Biscuits to you folk are something very much like a cookie, or an otherwise baked sugar-treat.

Our biscuits are made of a thick buttermilk dough, and baked for breakfasts and dinners. You open them up and spread butter on them, or honey if you're so inclined. Some people use jelly.

I know you know we have our version of Biscuits. I just felt compelled to talk about them. Because I haven't had a good biscuit in a while, and dammit I want one.

Mmmmmm- buttermilk biscuits.

Not at all the same species, though. Just like Fries on either side of the pond. Just reuse of a word.

I'm a Canadian who used to live in North Carolina. I'm aware of the North American implementations of biscuit, and still consider that canonical. (And bake them on occasion, to mess with the locals.)

However, I'm reasonably confident that that's not what's meant by eric.

Snowspinner: Berkshire.

If you don't mind a South Park reference - and I'll say in advance I don't really watch the show, although I find it vaguely amusing - you could always use Cheesy Poofs. The brand was "created" expressly because Parker & Stone couldn't get the rights to use Cheetos, which are their favorite snack.

Ahhh, Cartman.


Mini Cheddars might be a substitute here.

Hmmm, that begs the question: the puffy kind, or the crispy kind, or both?

I'll take some mac and cheese. Mmm.....

I'm a Yorkshire man, myself.

Tricky Biscuit... I can't decide if that's a restraunt chain or a punk band...

Slabgar: The crispy kind. The puffy kind are sort of available here as Wotsits, but ... yeah.

So far, I've found three placebo crunchies. One is a gentle sort of white cheddar thing from Paris, the name of which escapes me but is fantastic. One is the Sainsbury's Organic baked white crunchy thing, similar but entirely different, and wonderful, so therefore they stopped making it. And one is this Australian "Twisties" stuff, which appears to have hints of Mar|Vege|mite in but still be edible, which can be had at the import shop by the Porter House in Covent Garden.

They killed Canadian Cheetos Crunchits. It's not the same anymore.

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