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Ways I've Cursed Myself

In plotting out the evolution of the comic strip, I keep thinking oh crap -- this strip will appear and I'll get twenty e-mails saying "hah hah! You went for Cerberus and you landed in First and Ten!"

He who lives by the Snark, dies by the Snark.


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I should mention -- by definition, if these things are a part of the strip from the beginning, it's neither Cerberus nor First and Ten at all. If it doesn't work, it's just crappy.

It's when you change your light Funny strip into deep angstful depths that you're shooting for Cerberus and failing into First and Ten.


let us read and decide

you're acting like some high school overachiever, that belittles his own accomplishments before he does them,


a- he's insecure

b- he's egotistical

c-he's afraid of failure

d- he's crafty and cunning, and is setting the bar low so as to swing for the fences


B and D more than A and C. ;)

And here's the thing. I'm more amused than anything else. It's not so much that I think I'll fail in this. I might, mind, though with the artist coupled in I think it's less likely. I don't expect to get many hundreds of thousands of daily readers, in part because it's not that kind of story. But I don't think I'm going to fail. I think some people will really like this thing, too.

However, I am going to get mail that accuses me of First and Ten. And any number of letters that open or close with "you had me, and you lost me." That's the point. When I do lose readers (which I will -- that's part of the process), they're going to quote my own words back at me.

That's the curse. ;)

(And no, I'm not at all Piroing here. I'm having way too much fun. And the art I've received is way too good to not get some bonus on its own merits.)

Just thought I'd mention this, since I know there isn't much in the way of press on it.

Chicago Tribune, a Republican Newspaper, runs a daily strip called Prickly City (It's on www.ucomics.com) which is described as a 'conservative' strip.

It didn't run today, the Tribune pulled it for violating it's fairness standards. I went to check it out, and saw why.

Might be something worth looking at, Mr. Burns.

Eladria -- I'm not sure why that would get pulled. Conservative or not, it's a fair cop, as they say.

And I have to admit, I snickered.

Basic rule of webcartooning: Someone will say, whatever you do, that you're jumping the shark by the end of year two.

Oo, it rhymes! Did you come up with that? I want to make sure it's properly credited in my quotefile.

And relax, Eric. No need to worry about whether you'll get those emails.

Because I'll be sending you one after EVERY strip.

- Z

All my own work, yep. Thanks, and feel free to quote. :)

Sure, if it has been conceived from the very beginning as an ongoing story, it's certainly not a Cerebus Syndrome. We know your definitions well Eric :).

But it certainly could turn into a reverse Cerebus Syndrome and end up a gag comic, if you wanted it. That would be an interesting sight! I can't think of anyone who has ever done this.

By the way, how come everyone around here is calling it Cerberus now? Talk about a misspelling going full circle.

It doesn't matter if you are liberal or conservative, this is just wrong. Like an unfunny SP.

(Feb 7)

I wonder why the syndicate didn't pull it?
Well, we are talking about it now, so that's probably why.

I'm still waiting for two things... First, for you to add "Batman in the Operating Room" to the lexicon and second, for somebody to start a new comic strip called "Batman in the Operating Room". I'd do it myself if I weren't already starting a new strip.

Er, ah, heh...

Would someone explain the Prickly City joke to me?
I feel so ignorant (which would be because, in this scenario, I am). The things I already know: who Condi Rice is, that Ted Kennedy is/has reputation as (don't know which is more technically accurate) an ultra-liberal senator and that there's some sort of trouble in his past, possibly to do with alcohol.

Ted was involved in a scandal after he got into an accident while he was driving and killed his passenger.

(look at Chappaquiddick)

The entry doesn't talk about alcohol, but people assume.

By the way, how come everyone around here is calling it Cerberus now? Talk about a misspelling going full circle.

The obvious answer is - of course - that they're mistakenly thinking of the mythical three-headed Hellhound that guards the gates of Hades. By the way you phrased your comment, though, it seems you probably know that. Which confuses me as to what the question is attempting to ascertain, but ah well.

By the way, how come everyone around here is calling it Cerberus now? Talk about a misspelling going full circle.

In my case, it's because I have an inline spellchecker which warns me when I misspell things, and so I 'corrected' it even though the 'misspelling' was accurate.

It's just that Cerebus was itself a mispelling of Cerberus, while in this context the reverse is true. But then again Cerebus isn't really a very well known graphic novel.

Conservatives are really gunning for Ted Kennedy lately, presumably because he's the last openly left-wing senator and he clearly doesn't care who knows it. He obviously realized long ago that he could KILL A WOMAN and still get re-elected, so nothing scares him.

Sadly, the right-wing punditry doesn't seem to be able to dredge up anything against him except Chappaquiddick, which was inarguably atrocious and cowardly, but was also in freakin' 1969, people. It's a bit on the level of the recent BC cartoon that attacked liberal intellectuals for inventing the interrobang (which they didn't, but that's a whole 'nother matter).

I used to think that I'd like to see a well-done conservative political strip, since "Mallard Fillmore" is so sad, but now that we have "Prickly City," it mostly just irritates me. On reflection, I didn't want to see cute kids and puppies pushing to demolish Roe vs. Wade, after all.

Yeah, you'll probably get horrible emails from lots of people. The thing is if you believe in the content that you're putting out there then no matter what any naysayer might say it will be great. So back to work for me... no rest for the wicked they say!

Speaking as an outspoken (moderate) Libertarian, who generally loves to mock, ridicule, and point up the hypocrisy of both Republicans and Democrats...

Prickly City isn't funny. At all. At least Mallard Fillmore is occasionally funny, and Boondocks consistently funny. This is just bitter, vitriolic mudslinging and namecalling.


If this is meant as a measure to compare Eric's comic to, I'll vote for Eric's comic sight unseen, even if he draws it.

(Hell, even if *I* drew it.)

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