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Update on the day

I remember when sleep came easily. Last evening it came too easily, really. I fell asleep at seven, woke up at one in the morning, and then I was up. I ended up washing dishes and doing crap like that. This evening I'm tired as Hell, but forcing myself to stay awake by traveling down to a cafe and writing.

Mostly, I'm working on the comic strip. I've had some good interest from artists and some kickass character sketches. I think this could work astoundingly well. At the same time... part of me wonders if somehow this would become... I don't know. Like a reverse selling out or something. Do I lose my license to snark as a disinterested party if suddenly I have a strip on the web? Especially if it sucks?

For the record, this is a Story comic, with some Funny thrown in. It's not a Funny comic with Story. Though the In Nomine strip is a Funny comic with Story thrown against the wall to see what sticks, so I'm trying a little of everything. So no, by definition, I won't be going for a Cerberus Syndrome because it'll be opening that way. As for First and Ten... well, that's for other people to say.

Ah well, if it sucks, it sucks. I want to do this. Is there ever a better reason?

This is more babble than snark, philosophical or otherwise. So, from somewhere in central New Hampshire, I remain ever your servant....


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I remain ever your servant

Fetch me a box of South African pinotage-cinsault!

Er... anyhow. It's no more reverse selling-out than any of the Pedia or Examiner people who do comics As Well. So, it's not. So there.

Randy says:

If a reviewer has at least TRIED to do a webcomic - even if it failed - I can respect their opinions a bit more.

Yeah, but I've already proven I can suck at webcomics. ;)

Here's something that might help. I always loved drawing comics as a kid. But for some bizarre reason, I was always afraid to show my work to people for fear of what they would think of me or judge me based on my work.

Eventually, I took that first step and screwed up enough courage to finally post my comics on the web. It was possibly the scariest and more enthralling thing I ever did

The reason I finally got the courage? I got tired of always dreaming instead of living out the dream.

In short Eric, just do it. Just because you've become a producer doesn't mean you've lost your skill as a consumer.

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