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This is really coming together. I mean, *wow.*

So, I've got several people interested in the Sekret Project Comic Strip so far. I've gotten tons of character sketches from folks, and people who are deeply interested. I'm getting comments and bits of art and suggestions. It's really amazing.

Now, after I see some character sketches, I'm sending along a sample script for a comic strip to folks, to see how well they can take what I wrote and transmute it into something we *both* did. And I got my first one of those back tonight.

Amazing. Astounding.

This is going to be so cool.

Also, I have the first two weeks of strips written.


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But... but... If you write the comics, who's going to snark them?

And the children. Does anybody ever care about the children??!!

Seriously, good luck with your project. I'll be lloking forward to it ;)

Any chance we'll get to see the sample pages as they come in? Or is it under wraps to keep the comic secret until launch?

He's going to snark them himself, of course! And I'm sure he'll be extra-critical - what'll be interesting is when his own strip winds up on the had me and lost me list. :D

In all seriousness, can't wait to see it. Just be smart about it - don't even THINK about posting until you get those two weeks in full - and keep that buffer going. You'll be kicking yourself if you let it slip.

Hmm, I really want to see how this one turns out. Eric sure knows how to write and I love this blog, so I'm pretty certain the writing will be teh funnay. Mix this with some interesting characters and good art with an coherent style and this will be one of the great Webcomics there are, amongst Giants like Real Life, PVP, PA and Ctrl Alt Del.

I'm quite curious... just started my own strip (all funny so far, but i want story, but i don't know how to switch over, whine whine whine etc.) and I value Eric's opinions... how will he handle all the same issues? hrm...

Kira-- starting with permanent links on your entries is a good way to make we the snarkers happy.

Nice work so far.

Bard -- so long as it turns out better than "Unfettered by Talent" I'll be happy.

Greg-- you know as well as I do I'll learn to hate this strip any number of times. ;)

(I've written the scripts for the first month, now. I won't even put the thing up on the web until that month's been drawn, and then we'll work as if we were on deadline each week, only said deadlines will be a month in. You know, to give plenty of time for a disaster to take place.)

hey, kewl! I wasn't fishing for a mini-snark, but I'll take it!

The buffer is definitely a great way to handle comics... if I wasn't about five weeks ahead right now I'd probably be having a mental breakdown every weekend.

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