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Something to spend a little of your money on

If you've been following along for a while, you know I'm besotted with Hitherby Dragons. Rebecca Borgstrom -- one of the most brilliant RPG writers and designers... well, ever (her Nobilis brings a level of brilliance to the field of Roleplaying that I don't think has been equalled since) and a woman who channels a kind of brilliant insanity -- has created a truly remarkable collection of vignettes and short stories -- a form she has so redefined that I refer to stories of that length and kind as 'hitherbys' now.

Well, today Borgstrom announced Hitherby Dragons over at Lulu.com, which is the most writer-friendly of the Print on Demand self-publishers. I've been curious about the quality of Lulu's work, and I know the quality of Borgstrom's work, so I've ordered. I'll let you know about the quality of the book when I get it.

As for the stories? I recommend them wholeheartedly. Go give Borgstrom some money. She deserves it.


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A while back, on one of my Fan Fiction Fridays, I raved about two of the myriad wonders of Hitherby Dragons, Aslan Shrugged and Shelob's Web.

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