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Something to look forward to!

Aeire has announced that this Wednesday will be the last new Queen of Wands strip -- which has me sad, of course. However, she did announce an exciting project beyond it. Starting the following Monday, Queen of Wands is rerunning its entire run, in order, seven days a week, with commentary on the strips. In a lot of ways, this is like getting a DvD commentary run. This will give Aeire a good amount of time to get her next strip ready while giving fans like me something to do with our time.

So, I'm looking forward to that, at least.


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The first time I read Queen of Wands I was pulled into the strip and wanted something more when I was done with the archives...so I plowed through the rest of the site, and I saw the single line that has forever since hung above my head. "Oh. Queen of Wands is currently slated to end in 2005."


Actually at the time I didn't even notice the timestamp of '05 attached, I just knew it would be over sooner than I would have liked. And that is indeed exactly what's happening.

Oh well, at least she's moving on to do more cool stuff :)


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