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Snarky, know thyself.

It seems to work like this:

If I've had enough sleep, my snarks tend to be positive.

If I haven't had enough sleep, my snarks are more likely to be negative.

I try my best to express my true opinions regardless, but I'm getting to know what kind of stuff I put out in different situations.


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So the defining factor about whether snarks tend to be postive or negative relates to how things go for you in bed?

Wait, that came out wrong... ;)

In unrelated news, I was "run over by a Mack truck" sick yesterday and slept for pretty much 36 hours straight with 2 two hour gaps in there when I got up and made and consumed soup. I mean, I slept a *lot*.

With all that sleep, you'd think I could have gotten some stellar, fever-ridden visions out of the deal, but no, I got a whole lot of hardcore downtime. My wife said I was so sick that I didn't even snore. (rimshot)

But one thing of mention did filter through the haze - I've officially decided to edit _The Sky Pirate_ into a salable novel, and have been looking for the hook, the handle, the foundation that would make it all work. And I got it. The one thing that I needed came to me in the midst of all that heavy offline recuperating, and it pinged me, nothing major, just enough to cache itself in the lightbulb center of my brain, and that was enough.

I am officially grateful for being sick, because I was beating myself up trying to work out that One Thing, and it came to me from the depths of a fevered sleep. Man, I love being a writer.

That's how it is with most people, actually. Angry when tired, happy when caffeinated, or actually awake.

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