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She seriously didn't ask you to go "Sha" at her.

You'll recall my disappointment that the return of ClanBOB didn't also include a return of the Life of Riley webcomic -- not so much because they "owed" us (which they didn't) but because we had no warning.

Well, we now have a warning. There's a teaser video on their site (I'd direct link it, but hey, go to the site and it's there, right?) that promises new Life of Riley starting March 4. And that has me happy and should have all of you happy too.

Not familiar with Life of Riley? Well, their archives start here. They do the Cerebus thing over the course of them, but they do it okay -- mostly because they kind of move the humor to 'element style' humor instead of trying to alternate between Funny and Story.

Anyway... um... yeah. There you go.

I used to be able to end these more smoothly.


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I think that should be "more smoother". (It's not, of course, but somebody had to say it.) ;)

I'm going there and not seeing it...

Oh, now I found it.


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