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Power is not our friend, today

As with so many other people, I was at ground zero in the blizzard yesterday. The power went out in the evening and stayed out through the night. Right now it's coming on and off sporadically, but nothing's very happy right now.

I'm hopeful that it'll come back and stay back, but for the moment, you probably shouldn't expect to see all that much from me, today. I'll only disappoint you, I'm afraid.


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But...but...how will I pass the time at the office on Friday? What, I actually have to work or something like that? How rude!

Oh, wait, you're saying that you're a little more concerned about not freezing to death without power? Okay, maybe your priorities are more important.

"you probably shouldn't expect to see all that much from me, today. I'll only disappoint you, I'm afraid."

Hey, that's my weekly Sunday morning speech just as my wife starts to suggest maybe we should do some chores around the yard/house.

Good luck, and thanks for the mention re: the artist needed. For the record, I am no longer on Sherpa, I can't say why right now, but all is good.

Stay warm, and remember that frozen hobos make for good firewood.

And why is the blizzard your fault? Tsk... don't worry about it, man. Keep safe and warm, okay? Hope the power stays on for you sooner rather than later.

Rob, on the fringe of the blizzard

ewww. blizzards. That was Reason #13 on my list of "Reasons to move back home to Texas" a year or so ago.

The last blizzard/ice storm I was involved with, my house was on the only block in 3 counties that had power. Which, although that meant that my 8-month old munchkin was warm, also meant that my mother-in-law and her damn yappy hyperactive irritating bouncy poodle was in my house for hours on end, as her house was not on my block. I hated that stupid dog. My CAT hated that dog even more.

Mind you, this is not to say that poodles=bad. My mom raised poodles for years, and I loved them all dearly. However... she didn't raise stupid poodles who couldn't figure out at a year old that the floor is NOT where you're supposed to pee when excited. Her poodles also weren't trained that the only place to be still is in someone's arm, carried like a baby. I mean, REALLY. oy. I don't recall any of mum's dogs barking at an infant just for, well, laying there, asleep, either (I don't think I have to elucidate how the 8-month old appreciated having his nap interrupted!). Somehow, I'm afraid that the connection there isn't so much Lacy the stupid poodle as her owner..... but I digress.

My point (I think there was one, somewhere, in that mess above) is... ewwwwwww. Blizzards suck. But then, your sidewalks don't actually shimmer in the heat in summer. So... we're even. Go! Get warm. Don't let them burn any important things, like, y'know, comics. Or books. Or uhm... money. yeah.

Now's a good time to remind yourself that you don't do this for a living, and thus don't have to apologize if your update schedule is spotty today.. or any day. heh

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