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On the other hand, Flint should have at least thought about Andie's offer. I mean, dude.

flint.pngFrom Basil Flint.

Things steadily improve. The biochemical stew I enjoyed (and I use the term "enjoyed" in its loosest possible definition) over the past several days had and have me mood swinging like a prop comic off his meds. But, some of the best people and readers in the world helped keep me (more or less) on an even keel, and really helped pull me out of the worst of it. And so we're going to give this a try. As there's a certain investment you need to put into a decent essay, I'm going to keep myself on the Snark Disabled List for the moment, but I'll get done what I can get done over the next few days.

I listed out a laundry list of stuff in my last post. I can't speak to Queen of Wands just yet, as it's still ongoing (though the end seems so very near). Hunter S. Thompson I actually wrote about in a Livejournal post. Be warned, there's an undeniable whiff of fanfic about it.

Which leaves Flint ending.

So. Flint ended.

We knew it was coming. Even before the announcement, which came with very little chance for fanfare, you could sense that Troutman was moving on in his head. The changes in style, the dropping of color (and then ink), the shift of writing, the extended break... all these contrast with the energy he brings to Sporkman, the enthusiasm he writes about Felicity Flint, the collaboration of Vigilante, Ho!

You can tell when someone hits the end of the line.

He did some great ways of tying the series up My favorite was, not long after Flint and Amanda kiss, Andie looks out at the hurricane and sees Arthur Fonzerelli (how do you spell that) cheerfully being over a grring shark. He recognizes the Moonlighting problem and deals with it by ending the series with the moment that the tension is resolved.

And he brought back a fedora. Which I was glad to see. Flint needs a hat, damn it.

And so, I'm feeling wistful but not upset. I really liked Flint, even though I came to it late, but I could sense that he had moved on in his head. In "The Tale of the Adopted Daughter," Lazarus Long says he follows the wild geese. As his wife lays near death, she mentions she can hear them overhead, despite the fact that there are no geese on the world where Lazarus and Dora live. It was just time for Lazarus to move on and find something new.

Troutman heard the geese. And it was loud enough that we heard them too. And so Flint had to end. He's dropped hints that his new strip will bring back the most... um... bodacious of his cast members. (Though I bet the new strip is closer to Sporkman's chibi style, leaving the more comic bookish style to Felicity Flint.) And whatever it is, I'll be reading it.

But I'll stop and nod to the hard drinking sarcastic detective. I'll bemoan the fact that Flint won't ever cross over with Lost and Found Investigations. I'll acknowledge the good times, and I'll look ahead.


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