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Now that's BIG AIR!

You know, it's hard to properly discuss and contextualize today's Something Positive. (No, it's not thumbnailed. It's just not.)

It's hard, that is, because it's hard to discuss anything electronically when you're laughing so hard your liver comes out of your mouth and lands on your keyboard, getting... well, I'm going to call it 'liver juice' all over your keyboard.

Tasty, tasty biscuit, Mr. Milholland. Tasty, tasty biscuit.


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Oh, and did everyone notice the lightning path in the background? And the placement of the dialogue balloons?

Crack-thoom, baby!

Yes, but we're still back at liver juice. EWW.

Well, I guess that answers THAT question, doesn't it?

Nicely done, Randy.

Well, I guess that answers THAT question, doesn't it?

Nicely done, Randy.

Eric: Yep, as commented on in the previous thread. :) Dark Knight Returns lightning, even.

Eric: Yep, as commented on in the previous thread. :) Dark Knight Returns lightning, even.

Internal server error. Trying again. Watch both post, thus explaining trpeal's double post.

Man, even when Kestral moves on with her life, she can't catch a break. Good to see she's made the transfer to the S*P universe, even if she isn't a regular... she got there safe and sound, even if she didn't stay that way :)

And who expects anyone in S*P to stay safe and sound anyway?

I love it when a cartoonist gives his readers what they want, but how he wants it.

You know, "move to Boston" has a good ring to it. Let's make it the new euphemism for "die".

What do people who already live in Boston do when they're about to kick it?

Leave and come back?

I'll have to remember not to ever move to Boston until I am ready. But does this mean that people in California live forever?

Hardly. "Live in California" is roughly the equivalent of "Move to Boston". The end result is the same. Difference is, might come a little faster when you live in california. :P

We need to get you safely moved to the Pacific Northwest, Greg.

Of course, now this'll cause Mount Rainer to explode as soon as you get there.

R.K.Millholland is an awful, horrible person and I hope he dies.


The infinite canvas/lightning path was an awesome touch.

I'm working on it. Though, I'm less concerned with the "living in California" effect as I am with the "Wow, I can afford to purchase a home in Washington" affect. :D

That bastard. I swear, he actualy made me angry, if only for a split second before I started laughing.

Also note that the conversation relates to Kestrel's appearence as well. People just assumed she would become a character in Something Positive just because she was moving to Boston. And then she dies in the background and nobody noticed. Brilliant.

I laughed my ass off, but I've been laughing even harder at all the QoW and S*P wonks who've been arguing over whether this is "canon," whether it was "really" Kestrel, if so is Kestrel "really" dead, etc.

OMG, get a life people!

*snicker* I just caught today's Checkerboard Nightmare. Adds another level of The Wrong to this whole thing.


hess -- I saw it too. See my snark. ;)

Uh, yeah. Listen, this post wasn't here when I commented up there on the "Dude" post.

Was. Not. Here.

I don't know if you did some kinda wormhole thing or you sent a cyborg back in time to insert this post, but I'm wise to your tricks.

Anyway, regarding today's S*P, I reiterate: Damn.

And way to go, Chex.

As for where Kestrel needs to show up tomorrow... Irregular Webcomic. As she's collected by Death of Being Hit By Tasty Biscuits Disguised As A Red Car In Two Different Web Comics.

That poor guy hasn't gotten much action. Ever.

By the same token, Kestrel could just be horribly injured, which might require Davan's hard-earned expertise at the ins and outs of the health insurance system...

Besides, characters in Something Positive are automatically able to absorb at least 2d6 extra hit points of damage for comic effect.

Whoa! Am I channelling David Morgan-Mar now? David, did you have that up before I suggested it? 'Cause I swear on a stack of biscuits that I hadn't seen it if you did.

Hmm. I thought this was pretty funny, but one person I know is pissed, and says she's not going to be able to read the with-commentary QoW now - she'll always see it through the morbid filter of knowing that it's the last years of Kestrel's life.


I think your pissed friend is missing the point -- and missing why the redhead's face was obscured.

Randy has no more power to kill Kestrel from Queen of Wands than I do, or you do. If Aeire had written Kestrel getting hit with a car in the last panel of QoW, then yeah -- Kestrel would be dead. As it is, this was just a reference and a joke.

It was slightly more realistic than Pepito being eaten by a Canadian Trap Door Alligator (Alligator? Or Crocodile), but in the same realm. And Pepito came back. Hell, at this point I think Pepito needs to be staked with silver while cutting off his head and stuffing his mouth with dollar bills pulled from the garter of a stripper to kill him off.

I had the hardest time crossing streets in Boston's suburbia yesterday, and I wasn't even in an area with the really crazy drivers. I kept checking and rechecking and then darting across the street as fast as I could, as opposed to my normal amble.

Now thats a good comic.

You know, I'm not going to get tired of seeing Kestrel hit with a car.


You know, I am not going to get tired of seeing Kestrel get hit by a car.


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