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Moving Day, one of these days...

Sometime in the next week to week and a half... we're going to be moving. Pair.com's been mostly good (though with some weird troubles here and there), but at this stage it's costing a little too much to continue as we're going. I'm shifting over to the Talk About Comics Hosting package.

Why? Huge huge huge savings, and a certain symmetry. It just makes sense to me to be hosted at a Comics oriented company.

(Note -- this doesn't mean Websnark's becoming affiliated with Modern Tales or any other of Joey Manley's official sites. It's not that I'd be against being identified with those sites -- they're among my favorites -- but given I do critical commentary, it's best folks know for certain that editorial and creative control for the 'snark isn't changing.)


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Congrats on the (soon-to-be) new host! Moving is always an adventure, but saving money is definitely good! After all, you have a growing snarkosaurus to feed.

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