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Man, I'm fixated.

So, the checkup didn't go as well as one might hope. We're taking some steps to change that.

It's a sign that I'm completely obsessed, however, that I actually thought "damn... now I can't have biscuits any more."


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"A brussel sprout, a tasty, tasty... okay, this just isn't working!"

Ack - that sounds serious :( I'll think my bestest most positive thoughts for cookies/biscuits/oatcakes in your future.


Mmmmmmmm, Brussels sprouts...

Best wishes, dude. Here's hoping the aforementioned steps work well, and that there are as few ramifications as can be managed.

No... Biscuits?

What the hell!? What kind of cruel fate is that!

Eric, you should check this page:


The current newspost of this comic is an essay about the Cerebus Syndrome, and concludes that Cerebus Syndrome is an unavoidable side-effect of continuity.

And you should add the comic(s) to your backlog too.

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