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In review:

I had a medical thing that -- among other things -- had me mood swinging like a madman, and which still goes on to a degree.

Flint ended.

Queen of Wands looks to be very close to ending.

Hunter S. Thompson shot himself. Which, admittedly, is pretty much how we expected him to go, but still.

I got nothing. Maybe tomorrow.


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Hope the new day brings better feelings.

It seems these past few weeks have been tough for you. Here's hoping it's just a case of "raining and pouring," and that soon, thy cup o'stress will stop running over.

'cause, well, this can't last forever, right? I'd hug ya, if I could reach ya, and if I, like, wasn't a total stranger. heh. It will all work out.. and we'll be here to offer moral support til it does.

That's what snarkoleptics are for, right?

Look, it's official: you get the good day hat today, OK? The good day hat belong to you. It's your hat. I say so.

You can probably keep it for most of the week.

No! Don't put the hat on the cat! The cat doesn't know what to do wi -- no, stop eating the -- cat, stop th -- no, the hat is for human hea -- cat, no -- dammit, we can't have nice things.

I feel silly trying to write anything after Wednesday. Wednesday, you rock.

I'll write something anyway, 'cause Eric, you deserve it. Mood swings are awful, and QoW ending is enough to entice them even in folks who aren't medicationally-predisposed. February seems to be ripe time for all the blas and yucky stuff to hit at once. I think you're getting more than your fair share, though.

...hey, at least things could be worse, you could be living the life of that batshit crazy orphan girl.... and she's whacko enough to go through all that and still sing about tomorrow.

anyway, done babbling, hope today's better, and even if it's not, we're here. :)

Hope that things take better turn for you, hoss. I owe more than half the comics I've discovered thanks to you. Anything that gets you back to full snarking capacity needs to come your way stat.

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