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I'm off to see the wizard!

Well, I have a checkup up at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital this afternoon, which is a couple of hours away, so I'm leaving in about 5-10 minutes and won't be doing much on here until this evening. For those who haven't seen Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital (which... well, I assume is all of you), it's astounding. It's huge and mostly made of green glass. It looks like the Emerald City had a baby the Carousel Center Mall in Syracuse, New York.

To give you some idea... this is a hospital with a food court. Not a cafeteria. A food court. Last time I was there, they had Sbarro's, Au Bon Pan, a bank, a branch of the Dartmouth Bookstore, a convenience store, a florist's, a gift shop and a clothing store.

In the hospital.

Walking into the hospital, there's a person playing light piano jazz in the lobby. Mostly standards.

In the hospital.

These are the people who did aftermarket modifications to my abdomen last March. And now they're going to take me out for a test drive and check my antifreeze.

I'll see you tonight.


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Have fun at the mall! Don't buy anything from Wet Seal, 'cause they're trampy!

They've got a Sbarro's at the hospital? Must want repeat business.

I second the amazement. :O Must be a pretty big establishment.

Best of luck. :)

Being broken as I am, I'm often in and through hospitals - and I have to say, Canadian hospitals could learn something from yours! Most of them look (and often feel) like 1950s mental institutions.

Hope everything is coming out right. Er, I mean, hope you get a seal of excellent health! ^_^

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