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If only there was a "lightning path" reference!

(From Checkerboard Nightmare! Click on the the thumbnail for full sized horrific tragedy part two!)

I admit it. Straub absolutely fucking nailed me between the eyes. I mean, Milholland is Godlike, and his strip has caused a tidal wave of reactions almost as much fun to read, but Straub came out of nowhere with this.

Right down to the "whump" sound effect. And the fact that we can't see her face clearly.

I swear to fucking Christ, if she shows up in tomorrow's GPF being treated by that Doctor, I'll start reading it again.

Tasty, tasty biscuit, M. Straub. That's two for the same car accident, so far. It's a biscuit explosion.


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Heh. I was just in the middle of leaving a comment on the SP post about this.

This morning, I nearly snorted coffee through my nose at SP, and now I almost choked on a Pepsi reading Checkerboard Nightmare.

Oh man, just two more and we've officially got a meme on our hands. ;)

Heh. I was just in the middle of leaving a comment on the SP post about this.

This morning, I nearly snorted coffee through my nose at SP, and now I almost choked on a Pepsi reading Checkerboard Nightmare.

Oh God! Will it never end? Just like Straub to cash in on someone else's joke. ^_^

I consider this one "value added."

This one is just coattail-riding on my part and I'm a little ashamed. I think I only deserve a half or third of a biscuit.

Not so, M. Straub. Timing is the essence of comedy, and you nailed it.

::eyes scanner::


..no. I'm just not cool enough to pull that off.

Coattail-riding MAYBE. Then again, what satire isn't? All satire is riding the coat-tails of something that exists already, right?

So no worries. Your sense of timing ALONE warrants you Biscuithood.


If there were any way that any way... well, two artists on hiatus, two other comics working from archived strips only, and the fifth involving werewolves...

... what, Kestrel? Naw, Kestrel is yesterday's news.

I'm talking about continuing Vaporware's hit & run spree. }:-{D

Kris@WLP (besides, Aeire would hunt me down and kill me if I put Kestrel into a WLP strip, even in a cameo }:-{D )

You know what would be wacky? If, after months of fan speculation on whether Kestrel was going to become a regular character in Something Positive, she instead joined the cast of Checkerboard Nightmare on an ongoing basis.

In which Kestrel finds out that her job is not exactly what she thought it'd be, eh Kris? :) ("Ow, boobies!")

Dave, if it went that way, and I guarantee you it won't, it would be a Chichi-chan strip where Kestrel dies, goes to Hell... and hell is the WLP Studios. }:-{D

The SP strip worked because (a) it wasn't -necessarily- Kestrel, but you could pretty much tell who it was supposed to be, and (b) it was a short and sweet way of indicating that Kestrel was NOT joining the SP cast. In no uncertain terms.

The Chex strip works because (a) the focus of the humor is on the wreck, and NOT on the fact that it's Kestrel in someone else's strip, and (b) Chex rips off of other comics, web and print, with reckless and gleeful abandon.

Since there has never been a rumor that Kestrel is moving to a WLP strip, since none of the WLP strips can be easily shifted to accommodate a reference to a hit & run, and since WLP has yet to parody or reference in detail any online webcomic, it's damn difficult for any WLP strip to make the reference without making Kestrel the focus of the strip.

Which might be mildly funny, but would also be a blatant and uninspired ripoff of Aeire, Randy, -and- my fellow Kris-with-a-K. Even if I disregarded what a slap in their faces that would be, -I- wouldn't enjoy that; I'm capable of better.

So I'll just settle for admitting that I, as a writer, and certain of WLP's artists as well, are influenced by Aeire's methods, as witness the 40th page of Chocolate Milkmaid (direct link not included in order to protect young, fragile, innocent minds).

But if there -were- a way I could do it and make it fun...

At first, I was rather disappointed with Checkerboard Nightmare over this. It seemed unoriginal to just crib the joke from another webcomic and rearrange it a little bit.

Then I realized... it was an opportunity to play off a joke in another webcomic, that was making fun of another webcomic. And that's like a grand slam for CxN. And he did it well, too... Vaporware's dialogue was near perfect.

However, I think we've reached the point that any further references to Kestrel, in any webcomic, ever again, will look cliched, and will definitely not measure up...

Yeah. "Where's Kestrel? Where's Waldo? Where's Zot?"

I'm not disappointed with the joke because, if you don't know who's getting hit with the car, it doesn't matter, Vaporware still ran someone down over what Chex said.

If I structured a gag around "oh, wow! Chex hit Kestrel! See, she's in there, they're interacting! Cameo! Remember, from the other strip??" it would be really awful and contrived.

I think if you have an inside joke, it should be couched in something broader so everyone can like it at some level.

I agree. Robots running down random pedestrians! That's something the whole family can enjoy! :)

As long as I don't see someone showing up in Sluggy Freelance tommorow, I say job well done!
(Though, honestly, I'd love to see how THAT would work into continuity)


Look closely. No, closer. See the poster? I think we have another step here. Or I could be paranoid.


It happened again :)

Y'know, if ever Aeire wondered if the webcomic community really respected Queen of Wands, then I really doubt this was quite the proof she was looking for.

Doesn't make it any less genuine, though. High praise. Dark, high praise.

"Care for a tasty biscuit?" AHAHAHAHA

It's... too much... can't breathe...


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