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Good guys win! Yay!

(From Order of the Stick. Click on the thumbnail for full sized kitty solutions!)

When people ask me to back up my contention that consistently well written and funny comic strips can get away without having gorgeous art, I point to a couple of well known examples. One is Daily Dinosaur Comics, which isn't bad art, so much as it is... well, the same art every day, but still. Another is White Ninja Comics, where the art can generously be described as 'idiosyncratic,' and the strip itself can conservatively be described as "Jesus Christ, read this comic! NOW!"

And then there's Order of the Stick. Which is somewhere between a stick figure comic (thus the name) and a Paintbrush comic, and is wonderful. It has the best cast page I've ever seen, it has funny plots, it has good solid story skills, it brings the Funny, and even on a purely visual gag like the one I'm snarking it just plain works.

Well, Rich Burlew, who is a fellow member of the unofficial fraternity of Role Playing Game Designers (though I've never "met" him, mind) and who seems pretty cool in general announced today that they had passed 2,000 preorders for his Order of the Stick compilation, and therefore he was leaving his day job to work on OotS full time.

In other words, he didn't do a fundraising drive. He sold merchandise based on his strip and received enough money to be able to work on the strip and nothing but.

That's a dedicated fanbase, kids. And it's because it's a damn good comic strip. I don't care if the art is based on stick figures or not. It's a damn good comic strip. The fact that they've got 2,000 preorders for their book says that better than anything I could say myself.

Oh, and sometimes people get badgers thrown on their faces. I mean, dude!


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It's funny, I don't usually like the leaders on buzzComix (the current leader doesn't do much for me), but the last two hall of fame entries were for OOTS and Questionable Content, two of my very favorites.

Even with the simplistic style of OOTS, it's still very fun to just look at. Both, of course, bring the funny.

I'm really happy with that. I and many friends of mine are really big fans of OotS (we even gave music to the 'bluff, bluff, bluff, bluff the stupid trolls). So, more OotS means more fun to us.


Aha, a badger. It looked like a skunk to me and some of my friends, and we were surprised since the bag of tricks can't produce them.

...what do you mean, are we geeks?

Stephen, it sounds like you could use some remedial badger appreciation training. Report immediately to www.badgebadgerbadger.com

**Reads through OotS archives** Ah, yes, a badger, of course. That was time well spent, even though I haven't played AD&D since the first edition... Thanks!

Try String-Finger Theatre: A well-written funny strip with real stick-men. :D

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