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For those playing along at home...

...my blood pressure is back into the normal range, and we're thinking maybe things have settled back down. And I get to eat bread again.

But no biscuits.

I spent a good amount of the evening doing some beta work in prep for the Websnark move. It's going well, but there's a lot of t crossing and i dotting. Fortunately, my current hosting isn't going anywhere as we do it. And there was an idiosyncrasy in Mac OS X server that meant I had to change groups on all our students, followed by shifting their primary group to the new one. Only there's... well, no way to batch process it.

So, several hundred students, and I had to open each record, drag the group to the primary group blank, then save the record. One at a time.

Did I mention that because my diet's been highly restricted, my blood sugar is below 'low.' So I've been kind of... surly today.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow, I will snark. About many things.

Like Flint.

Sigh... Flint....


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This is pretty unrelated, but I if you were working with the NetInfo database in OS X Server, there might have been a way to script something like that, but I'm not entirely sure. Course, that would require decent programming skill, and I guess it's a moot point now. Oh well. :)

...eee. Tedious data wrangling=ech. Reminds me of when I had to c/p an extra directory line into the path of every last image in the BAU archive recently. Fun, fun stuff.

And maybe (at the risk of sounding blasphemous) you could just make pretend biscuits out of bread? If vegetarians can eat fake chicken nuggets, I'm pretty sure you could swing a reasonable facsimile of a biscuit. I'd imagine it would involve a lot of flattening and toasting and... stuff.

I dunno. Perhaps someone who is handier in the kitchen than I will chime in with a recipe of sorts.

We could call them Snarky Snacks.

Sodding bloody NetInfo buggery gaaaaaah.

No, no, there wasn't a nice, charming scare while partner tried to sort out giving accounts the same UID between Mac box and NFS server and suddenly we couldn't start any services because we couldn't log in as anything that could start any services because of poxy buggery bloody NetInfo.

Still nothing on the classic Meatloaf systems administration song, "Everything Dragged Into Everything Else," but ... yeah.

Woe to surly.

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