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So, you may have noticed, in as much she told you, that I've given the Imperial Wednesday White the keys to the Snarkmobile. This was not, as she might lead you to believe, purely because she caught me when I was stunned at having been invoked as part of a comic book publisher's efforts to get comic store owners to stock a worthy comic, and therefore vulnerable to her virtual wiles.

(As for the reference itself? Holy fuck.)

However, I decided a long time ago that if I let anyone through the gates, it'd be Wednesday. She and I don't have 100% the same tastes or range in webcomics or any of the other blatherings I do around here, but we're darn compatible. More to the point, I trust her opinions and judgment. For one thing, she's smarter than I am. For another, she writes better.

No, we're not dating. And no, I'm not trying to date her. Jesus, can't you think of anything else?

So, while I suspect the vast majority of blatherings will still be mine, I've invited Wednesday to blather whenever she wishes on whatever topic she wishes, because I figure you the readers will enjoy it, and I will too.

She's not going to be on a 'schedule' or 'clock' or 'anything else in single quotes.' But if something comes up where she wants a venue? I'm her hookup.

(Technically, she's the second person I've given the login to. The first person is a close friend who, should I get hit by a bus, will tell all of you where to send stuffed animals.)

Of course, this means I really should pick up the damn place....

Edit: To avoid confusion -- especially on RSS feeds, since it's not set up to say who posts things, when Weds posts, she'll put a [weds] tag in the title. Work for everyone? Cool.


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I feel the location of your automobile should be called into question if this fiendish "Dude" fetish continues.

And welcome, Wednesday.

Can you maybe have the name of the person who's posting the blog entry, have their name at the top instead of at the bottom? It took me forever to make any sense of Wednesday's post since, y'know, wasn't expecting anyone else posting to your blog, but also because, y'know, the name of the poster wasn't visible above the fold^H^H^H^H scroll.

And it's nothing personal. I constantly gripe about this (for values of "constantly" meaning 'once per blog') on blogs that are full of people using the word "I" in their first sentence but you have no clue who "I" is until you get through 15 or 20 paragraphs. [And then there's the thing I hate even more: at least here, although the comments are bottom-signed, the rule line separates the comments from each other. I've seen blogs where there's a comment, a rule line, the signature of the comment from before the rule line, and then the next comment, which makes it painful to figure out if they're top-signed or bottom-signed. And they're almost always bottom-signed, as it turns out. Grr argh.]

I didn't even look at the author: so I stared, utterly confused. Wondering if Eric had finally lost it.

An excellent point. Weds has agreed to tag the tops of her posts. Absent tags, assume it's me, as generally it will be.

First of all, as the venerable SeŇor Cardgage would undoubtedly say, "Combolations." That comes with a warning, though, once the Shortbread telecast grows to more than three hours (hint: no musical numbers), I will stop watching forever. Caveat Biscuitor.

Second, I'm sure you've read today's Something Positive by now, but the background events in the final panel made it extremely difficult for me to read the dialog. I must've read those balloons three or four times without actually reading them, as I just kept second-taking on the ... you know... thing. Damn.

I'd just like to say hello, and bow a lot, and say that he overestimates my intelligence by about several years of university or something, and declare fucking Pair.

Actually, in ThunderBird, Wednesday pops up as the sender - it's just the firefox live bookmarks that don't have it.

Who has the keys to the blog if you get hit by a blue-haired maniac in a garnet-colored car?

Eventually, Wednesday will be a contributor on all blogs in the known universe. Even private Livejournals.

I somehow can't see myself taking over, say, Dooce.

"Here is a picture of my empty uterus. I am scared of dogs."

Nope. Won't fly.

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