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Blacklist seems to be turning the tide

For the record, MT-Blacklist has blocked 167 trackback spams. If any of them had gone through, of course, the Nofollow tag would have made them worthless to the spamming company, so with luck I'll get on a list as too much trouble for my worth.

Which is the story of my life, really.


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Reinder Djikhuis recently blogged on various spam prevention measures for bloggers. You might want to take a look:

D'oh. That was dumb of me. Link is in the URL field now.

I frickin' give up.

I'll just put it here. http://rocr.xepher.net/weblog/archives/000652.html

Because of the peculiar events of my MT upgrade, I'm keeping a finger at the pulse of blog comment/trackback spam and gallery spam. I'm feeling very vulnerable right now.

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