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A slight clarification of policy.

I had a number of people write to me to discuss the current General Protection Fault storyline. Now, I wasn't reading it, because it's on the "You had me, and you lost me" list. But, naturally enough, I checked it out and I've engaged in a number of formal and informal discussions with people about it. Or as discussion as I get when I'm barely answering my e-mail, anyhow.

But an increasing number of the letters wanted to know when I'd discuss the plotline here on Websnark -- give my official opinions on what Darlington is doing.

Well, I've indicated this in a number of responses I made to people, but let me state it for the record, out here.

When you go onto the "You Had Me, and You Lost Me" list, you officially become exempt from critical commentary on this website. I just don't do it.

Yeah, if I find out someone who went on that list did something amazing or significant, I'll mention it. There's nothing keeping me from saying something nice about a strip I've decided to drop. But for general commentary, particularly on contentious issues, I don't think it's fair for me to make a big deal about walking away and then keep going as if nothing had happened.

So, while I might make offhanded general remarks about GPF or Megatokyo or It's Walky, I'm not going to snark them, or harp on them, or point out their foibles or highlight their triumphs, unless a foible is so catastrophic that it would be disingenuous not to speak, or a triumph so phenomenal I can't help but speak.

GPF isn't in either category right now. Some people really like what he's doing. Some don't. And it'd be dirty pool for me to say how I feel on this forum. If you're curious about whether or not he's doing well or poorly, have a glance at it yourself. It's free, after all.

Or check some of the other commentary sites. It's not like people aren't talking about it....


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Your willpower makes me weep. Really, really hard.

And I never say "weep," as a rule, so it must be a big deal.

Maybe somebody else can explain what exactly's going on with GPF, then? I'm not a regular reader, and I don't feel like digging through archives and cast pages and such myself... but I'm curious. Damn it, I'm too lazy :(

Basically, we're plumbing the depths of Trudy's despair, from a fight in the street that leaves her injured, to being rescued by the same kindly doctor that cared for her before (and continues to tend to her, unconditionally, and even pray for her), to her failed suicide attempt.

I guess it's up in the air whether it's a profound meaningful exposition of the dark regions of Trudy's soul, or a particularly bad symptom of a failed Cerebus syndrome. I'd put it somewhere in between, personally, but I have to admit it's laid on quite thick sometimes, and it gets a bit schlocky. In my opinion.

(Eric, if we're starting to violate your rules in talking about this here, let us know, and we'll move it to the snarkoleptics community or something...)

Other than a lot of making with the old time religion, I don't see what's too special with this storyline. And it is his perogative, really, it's his comic strip, I don't see a problem with it one way or the other.

I've actually enjoyed this Trudy storyline, despite only knowing second-hand what GPF is about or the infamous Machinations storyline. Especially with a buffoonish clown-doctor who's used laughter to heal souls (including Trudy's)... and who uses spiritualism to do what laughter cannot. What I find interesting is that there are still occasions to smile or chuckle with the storyline.

And since I've very few strips that update 7x a week these days, until GPF jumps the shark again, I'll read it casually. (Hey, *something* had to take the place of Sluggy Freelance, and I refuse to read that strip again until I hear from Eric that it's back to its old glory...)

Oh, and that's another thing. We've got a guy here named Akilesh, I think. Goes by Ali? Something like that. He's colored brown, with black hair, and a name that sounds either Indian or Arabic (I'm not educated enough to know which). And yet when he brings his spirituality into play, he's a run-of-the-mill Christian.

I was rather disappointed at that, I have to admit. Now, I don't have anything against Christianity itself. But going and writing Akilesh as a Christian instead of going with the more natural-looking choice given his character design (again, Islam or Hinduism? I'm not sure) would have been an opportunity for some more interesting writing, and would not have seemed so unnatural.

In my opinion, of course. But I just think he passed up the more interesting option in favor of more well-trodden ground, and made it seem out of place too.

So, uhm, going back to the topic at hand, are you going to keep the lists of daily trawls that you posted a while ago up to date with your current Do's and Don't's? (Boy that looks weird: Don't's.)

I noticed It's Walky is still in the Night Comics list. Does that mean you'll repost the lists every once in a while? Or keep a static page somewhere with an up-to-date list? Or just keep us guessing? ;)


Just slightly below my desire to finally finish the Shortbreads is a posting of the 2005 Spring edition of the Trawls, including all up to date changes, with links replacing the current links in the sidebar.

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