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A Formal Announcement

There are huge numbers of massively talented people in this world. A disproportionate number of them responded to my call for artists for my webcomics doings. This has been an exciting time for me, and I've been humbled at the skill, talent and enthusiasm I've gotten to see.

There are several artists who could have easily been selected, and I'm actually working on a couple of other projects now based on my interactions with some of them. But in the end, a collaborator and partner has been chosen, and I'm excited as anything to announce it here.

His name is Gregory T. Holkan, and his portfolio, art projects and own online comics can be found over at Seppuku Online. In particular, he's got an ongoing comic called Nemesis that's pretty dang spiffy. This new project's highlighting his black and white/pen and ink skills, which are tremendous.

He's also enthusiastic and intelligent, and has already had lots of great suggestions and thoughts, from the thematic to the artistic to the name of the strip -- its working title had been "The State Street Shuffle," but I didn't like it. Greg and I bounced thoughts around and came up with a new title.

So, now we have several weeks of drawing and writing and bouncing stuff off each other and web design ahead of us. We're going to get a buffer and we're going to show what we get to people who have more experience than we do, and most of all we're going to have fun.

And sometime this spring, you're going to get a chance to read Gossamer Commons.

So, I'm pretty psyched.


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Damnit... I clicked on the link to Seppuku and now I can't stop reading...

I know. It's cool stuff.

You realize, if I snark it now, there's obvious conflict of interest. Understand, I'll snark it anyway, but still. ;)

Hey eric, longtime lurker, first time poster. :)

Just wanted to say that it's pretty neat to get to watch the process that you're going through to make a (hopefully) successful comic strip. It's different for everybody, but I think a lot of people don't realize just how much planning needs to go into a webcomic, especially a story comic.

Good luck with it...


Eric, I e-mailed you (from jimmykane...) about Nemesis a few months ago, since you asked people to show you new talent. Is that how you found it? You never replied. =/


Maybe you can help me out. I might be looking for another artist to do a second comic I want to do. Can you email me at penguincomic@yahoo.com with the names of the people you didn't go with, that might still be looking for a writer? Or post a blurb on your page? I'm looking for someone who can draw along the Bloom County/Yirmumah/Doonesbury lines. Realistic, but comic.

Congrats to you both, look forward to seeing the collaboration!

Steven Kyle -- I had been familiar with Nemesis when Greg first responded to my call, so clearly it was from your recommendation. I'm admittedly terrible at sending the replies I should to folks who recommend stuff to me (my only defense is I get a lot of it). Let me make up for it now by saying you have good taste. ;)

Davidwrightnpenguin -- I'll pass it along and also do a blurb for you. ;)

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