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A day.

It was a busy day at work. It was a busy day of recovery and internalizing the medical issues I found out about yesterday (the less said about the better). The evening I've spent deep in Gossamer, Sekret Projekt J, and conversations with the smartest human being on the planet. Midway through all of this, I got e-mail from the composer of I'm Just a Bill. E-mail referring me to his publishing company regarding some quoting I want to do in Gossamer Commons, and perfunctory, but dude -- Dave Frishberg sent me e-mail. How bad could it be?

Pretty bad, actually. Both the health issues and things I had to do, plus some monetary things that needed doing. Plus some chores. Including getting new Renter's Insurance, because it's been an interesting enough year that I want to be sure things are okay in case of disaster.

All of which is why I haven't written anything here today. But I still like you.


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Eric, I hope you will find the strength to overcome the obstacles placed in front of you. You writing about your new found ability to not get your butt kicked by falling down was the silent nod that helped me really get started taking care of myself. I had planned the change already, but that post came in the early times where things are really rough, and it was something that I connected with enough to stick with me.

I thank you for that.

Anything us snarkoleptics can do...you just let us know.


We like you too!

We like you tons and bunches.

Dammit.. I hope you get better and take it easy man.

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