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A call for artists that has nothing to do with either me or Gossamer Commons. Hey, it could happen!

By now you should know that I'm a big fan of Todd and Penguin. It's a really neat comic strip, which I think has near universal appeal. (My sister has started reading it, which to me is indicative.)

Well, David Wright, it's webcartoonist, is popular. He's on Comics Sherpa, which is considered a stepping stone to syndication (or so I'm told -- I know little about it, other than the fact that I like the word "Sherpa"). And he's looking to start a second strip, though this one he'd just write. And he's looking for an artist to work with.

If I could... you know, draw... at all... And not have it look like a developmentally disabled vole did it... I'd be jumping at this. David's got a wonderful sense of dialogue and voice, a sense of wonder and a sense of the dramatic. In other words, I likes me the Todd and Penguin. So, if you're an artist reading these words (and I know there's a lot of you out there, because you were sending stuff to me not long ago), hie ye hither to his website, find his contact info, and... er... contact him.


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