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Your man on the scene

So, here I am in rainy Northampton, a significant period of time before the festivities are scheduled to begin, on the twin theories of A) not knowing if this would be difficult to find, and therefore not knowing if it would take long to get here and B) having fuck-all to do in New Hampshire anyhow. It's slightly over an hour before our heroes are due to arrive here at the Haymarket, and no one around me is wearing a large sign reading "Webcartoonist," so I'm going to assume no one's here yet -- and after all, why would they be? They have an hour to go.

So, as a reporter, I should give my impressions, realtime, of venue. The Haymarket cafe is cozy and pleasant and largely occupied by attractive indy girls writing in journals. I ordered a light dinner of gorgonzola and spinach salad. The spinach is good enoughm the gorgonzola all gorgonzoly, though they drowned it in way too much oil.

The coffee, on the other hand, is exceptional. And obviously, the wifi works as expected. If this place were local to me, I suspect I would never sleep again.

At least one of the reports said this was taking place at the "Haymarket Bookstore Cafe," but I have seen no books here, which makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong "Haymarket Cafe." I guess come nine of the clock I'll find out, won't I? I have to assume there wouldn't be two cafes named "Haymarket" so close to each other, but then I've been wrong before. Often. If I'm wrong this time....

Actually, if I'm wrong this time, I'll have days worth of amusing anecdotes for Websnark and for talks. And that's all I can ask for, isn't it?

More news as events warrant. This is your man on the scene, Eric Burns, wishing all ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea safe voyages.

Oh, and the fucking fog bank that was southwestern New Hampshire can disperse any time between now and my drive back. I'm just saying.


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Are you vibrating through solid matter yet?

Long ago, the Haymarket was only the downstairs part (you had to enter though the alley in the back); it sold used books and cafÈ-type stuff. For whatever reason, they phased out the books when they added the upstairs, but kept the name.

Useless Northampton trivia.

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