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You realize conservative pundits will claim Pardus's team as proof of the domesticated agenda, now.

(From Kevin and Kell. Click on the thumbnail for full sized... er... revelation?)

It's not that this sequence was bad, per se.

You see, I remember Kevin and Kell from the 90's, and from the turn of the century. I remember hidden clues being buried and slowly allowed to develop. I remember situations being set up, then being allowed to grow tense over long periods of time. I remember the payoffs that were built into those situations as a result. I remember Corrie being 'outed' as a sheep (and as a carnivorous one, for that matter) after years of first pretending to be a sheepskin, then pretending to be a wolf (in her father's skinned hide, no less). I remember the saga of Rudy's domestication. I remember the freaking Great Bird Conspiracy.

So... to have a new wrinkle introduced -- Coach Pardus is really a domesticated housecat wearing leopard spots -- on Monday, and have it pay off on Sunday (with Rudy and Kell both publicly admitting their domestication in the same breath, I would add)....

It's not that it was bad, but it was disappointing. I was expecting the conflict to be allowed to season and grow and develop for a while, so that the revelation would be given more weight. Alternately, it would have been nice if they hadn't done the setup at all -- instead doing a whole week of the kids' and Kell's views of Pardus (who's always been something of a cipher in the strip), building up to his award and his being exposed as a housecat at that point. And seeing the reactions of the cast, and not have them be so instantly supportive. I mean, he's been lying to them. Would they all ultimately understand? Of course. But Rudy -- for example -- has had so many of his family and friends give him revelations he didn't want to hear for so long... it seems almost surprising to see him immediately leap out and defend his coach after learning yet another authority figure was lying to him. A week or two of reactions from the cast, and some hypocrisy here and there, would have been nice. As it is... well, there will probably be fallout still, but there's no tension.

Also... given the species registry and the like... is domestication really the issue here? Pardus was literally claiming to be a different species than he actually was. I mean, obviously housecats are domesticated. Is this crossing out of the homosexual allegory and into the racist allegory? I'm a little confused.

Anyway... like I said, this was just a little disappointing, if nothing else because we've seen Holbrook do these things so much better.


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Agreed. I've been reading K&K for a long time as well, and things just seem a bit, I dunno... not as well-thought-out. In regards to this plot, I can definitely see where things could be fleshed out more and give rise to more questions.

For example: the exchange in Wednesday's strip could have used some smaller doses of info. We know they're siblings. But all he's said (in the strip before) is "How's Mom?" which means they could only be halfsibs, and thus he could still conceivably have big-cat blood, until it's all dumped in panel two.

The info in Pardus' line alone could be spread over a good few strips. He could have just said "--since I left home?" and then we're left wondering why, and... you get what I mean.

Brief storylines are okay, but for something like this, a week is *way* too brief. It had so much potential, too... ah well.

And the VERY VERY VERY worst part about it?

Pardus is MALE. And claims to be a Calico! Oh wait, it's an alternate universe, I guess they can have male calico cats there.

Never Mind!

Well, as Holbrook pointed out on his site, male calico cats can be born in this world. More often than not, they're stillborn. Even when they do survive, they're sterile. I don't know feline genetics well enough to say why, precisely, but it is true.

Judging by the note on the bottom of the site, I think that Holbrook is quite aware of all of this and is planning on incorporating this into a storyline sooner or later.

I'm actually curious as to whether or not the rumored issues he's having with his syndie strips (namely, that they're getting dropped) is fueling the recent rushed storylines. That maybe he feels that he has to give K&K readers more rapid metaplot payoffs because he fears that they might have to be his bread and butter.

I have absolutely nothing to prove this theory - it's jsut a wild shot in the dark. Keep this in mind before anyone decides to a) run with it or b) blast me for proposing it.

ah well, figured I'd drop by and comment. Overall, I've actually been dissapointed in a lot of Holbrook's K&K work. Several of the stories recently have felt rushed. The "male Calico" coach hiding as a predator was something I guess I saw coming from a long ways away.

I agree... I know Holbrook has done better, repeatedly. Evidenced by the transformation of Bruno as a herbivore combined with the competition over Kevin as a father figure. As mentioned, evidenced by the long run of Carrie from a sheep on the backside of Bruno to blood cousin of Rudy, and by extention, neice to Kell.

Then there is the whole "great bird conspiracy" as well as the rabbit underworld, or the events surrounding Vin. I know Holbrook can set up saga's that literally don't pay off for years, and to see so many "short stories" recently... aggravates me. I guess one of the things I have to keep in mind is that Kevin and Kell is approaching 10 years as a web comic. So I have to presume that something is coming up for the occasion and that Holbrook is attempting to position characters as much as possible.

But... still, it leaves a bitter taste...

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