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You know, that would make those silhouette ads a hell of a lot more interesting.

(From Lore Brand Comics. Click on the thumbnail for full sized insight!)

It's been a while since I've mentioned Lore Brand Comics. Given the construction of these strips -- a variation on cut and paste -- it's all about the writing. And Sj–berg is, simply put, one of the funniest human beings to ever stalk the web from behind sunglasses. His Slumbering Lungfish site is interesting commentary, and leads inexorably to the various and sundry funny things he's currently associated with. Though he doesn't link to his original breakout site -- the brilliant Brunching Shuttlecocks site he pioneered with David Neilsen back in that nebulous time we call "the day" -- it remains one of the funniest places on the web, and through Slumbering Lungfish you can find his great Bandwidth Theater, the Book of Ratings, and so much more.

This particular episode of Lore Brand Comics nails the Lore style pretty well, in my estimation. It's a dry humor, it poses a thesis you have to agree with, and it involves comparing consumer goods to vibrators. What more is there to say?


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Heh. I just figured you hadn't posted an LBC snark because Lore hadn't updated them in a lemur's age.

IIRC, The Book Of Ratings is not only at http://www.bookofratings.com but also in print. I'd better remember correctly, because I have it in my backpack at this moment.

Dildos, not vibrators. The sets overlap, but aren't identical.

Which is a shame, because the joke works better if you migrate it to vibrators -- the Hitachi Magic Wand is the iPod photo of vibrators, but the Big White Dildo is usually some tacky plastic Thing.

Yeah, I remember the iBrator. I also remember the delightful fad in iBrator-like real vibrators. Or possibly trend, 'cause that whole design look stuck with sex toys pretty much ever since, but at least they've diversified.

Annoyingly, what we need are more brushed metal dildos; the steel ones I've found have all been chromey-finish.

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