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Yet More Fan Art! (hey, didn't he used to... like, talk about webcomics or something?)

The answer is yes. Chalk it up to a week of pronounced enfevertude coupled with medicine and fatigue and crap.

And yet, there has also been art. And for the first time, we have fan art sequels. First up, after we had a little... spirited discussion on spelling in a previous entry, Sylvan Migdal of Ascent drew up a Snarky just a tiny bit fed up with spelling and grammar issues. I love the fact that he has a bag of baby chips on the counter. (Though I hear it's mostly tofu and other soy products.) The baby on the package looks just slightly like the baby from Bobby Crosby's Pupkin, which somehow makes sense to me.

The other picture comes to us from Sahsha Andrade, an up and coming South Florida artist whose website has some wonderfully evocative work. Feeding off of the Snarky in Snow picture and an offhanded comment of mine... we have Sad Snarky in Snow.

I wonder if somehow this will get me in trouble with the Megatokyo community. If so (or even if not, really), it's worth it because it's darn nice. Though sad. Which is of course the point.

It means a heck of a lot to me that folks take the time to draw these things. At the end of the day, I'm a guy with a blog. I'm just happy folks like it. To have people do up sketches and drawings just makes me feel good.

And yes, I'm going to try to actually snark stuff. The flu seems to be abating somewhat, so I'm hopeful I won't kind of zone my way through stuff any longer. Alternately, I might start typing gibberish.

Of course, people might not be able to tell the difference....


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I grow increasingly envious. Not begrudging, mind you. But envious. =)

Dang. My local store doesn't carry baby chips.

I confess, I feel a propriatory gleam of pride whenever I see Snarky fan art. Drunk, baby-eating, sad snarkies in snow...you name it, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And rightly so. I must also add, that when I saw Snarky in Snow I *immediately* considered creating a sad variant.

I then gave up, because I have no talent whatsoever.

And completely off topic, but this is something I've been wanting to ask you for literally months, Ursula (I saw your galleries a good while ago, I guess it's a small internet):



I guess it's true; a sad Snarky in the snow is still a cute Snarky in the snow.

Is it possible to make an ugly Snarky, I wonder? Without the aid of plastic surgery, of course...

Uh...uh...Bighorn Pears...I can explain...

I was drunk. Or stoned. Or possibly both. And my stepfather was chopping lemons. And in my altered state, I gazed 'pon the lemons, and said, ponderously, "How...come...nobody taxidermies...fruit?" and then it lead to trophy fruit with antlers and horns and...yeah.

To reiterate, drunk.

I've become a regular reader. You are the answer to my question "What's worth reading?'"

Had to do a bit of Fanart myself:

Angry Snark

Thanks for the great snarks!

Oh my God, I love it. Can I post it, Cave Monster?

Please do. I also wouldn't mind if you snarked my comic.


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