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Too much to write, damn it.


I seem to have caught a short story. It's fairly demanding to be written. But there is also Shortbreads to finally finish plus the daily snarking. My brain is full to overflowing.

Oh, and I actually have a job, too. So, you know, I may not have time for any of this before 10 pm.

There is too much to be written in this world. There are too many interesting things. There is too much to say, and too many opinions to be said about it.

Or, I might need to start Ritalin. Never rule that out.


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It's a microcosm of life. There's just too much to accomplish in the short time we have here. I know that I'll never get to the end of my ever-growing list of books to read, or stuff to accomplish before I die.

So, instead of Ritalin, you could channel your awesome powers to finding a cure for death! ;)

As somebody once said "I could drive myself crazy thinking of all the paintings I'll never paint before I die."

And as Michelangelo reputedly said to his apprentice on his deathbed, "Draw, Antonio, draw, Antonio, draw and do not waste time!"

I try not to dwell on it. Otherwise I get paralyzed, and then even less gets done.

In Fool on the Hill, Matt Ruff's transparently self-modeled protagonist takes comfort in this idea; at least, he reckons, there will never be a time when he is without a story to write. Personally, I'm shooting for making a single story last as long as humanly possible...

RE: J.(Channing)Wells

Call up Robert Jordan, he should be able to give you some pointers.

Speaking as a writer (having finished a first draft of a novel, which is even now being edited by faithful winged monkeys... fly, my pretties, flyyyyy!!!!), WRITE THE SHORT STORY!!! The rest can wait. But when your muse grabs you by the throat and says "Hey, this is a cool idea, you HAVE to write it"... well, it's best not to ignore it. Because if you shun it... the muse will go "Humph. Show me to be nice to him" and go away for a while... or return when you're in the middle of a commute home with traffic jammed up and an average speed of 10 MPH (just fast enough so you can't write anything in the car and slow enough that you won't get anywhere fast) and go "Hey, how about THIS idea, oh you can't write right now? Too bad, sucker!"

I swear, those muses are evil... anyway, write the story. The Shortbread will wait. :)

Robert A. Howard

Yeah, the Shortbread will wait. And we'll wait, too.

Me, I'm having trouble trying to decide whether certain ideas I've been having should be a short story, a long story, or my next webcomic project. Maybe I'll get a summary of the story down and see what it lends itself to. I dunno.

Good luck with the story...

Well, while we're hungry for shortbread...

The more time you spend HERE, the less time you've got to write. Of course, *I* say this, the chick who desperately needs to finish that statuette for her sister, or the gnome for her other sister.. or the art for the 70-piece card set that's been "in-progress" for 2 years for me mum... oy.

Anyway... go! write! we'll live. There's nothing worse than trying to get BACK to an idea after that first fabulous explosion of concept, form, action, and design. If you can pop it outta there quickly, it's all impulse and intuition, and it just flows. If you make it wait... augh, it's just.. WORK. yick.

At least, that's the way it works for me. And your passion, while consuming and fulfilling and irritating and all of those other lovely things, shouldn't be more work that in has to be. :)

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