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Thoughts on the future of Websnark... in a technical sense

So, there's some technical stuff that's always bothered me about Movable Type. Key among that stuff is the trouble so many commenters have with Typekey, which seems very much like a beta service pressed into general release. (I'm sorry -- I'm as big a proponent of Firefox as the next person, but if your browser based comment authentication service won't work with Internet Explorer it's a problem.) So I'm thinking about switching to WordPress. Wordpress is free, and it's robust, and looks like it has excellent features, and it looks like it has ways to block comment spam that doesn't involve blocking... well, everyone else.

Yeah, it means I'm out the money I spent on Movable Type, but so what? MT did what I asked, and if I've outgrown it, that's okay. And sure, I'll need to learn how to tweak Wordpress to get all my stuff. And processing things properly so that all my old linked thumbnails work will be grunt work, but that's okay.

The problem is... it doesn't seem to have an engine to upload and thumbnail images, and that's a dealbreaker.

Yeah, I could manually thumbnail, but I'm not going to. It would take too long. So does manual uploading, for that matter. I suppose I could use MT to upload, and then post in Wordpress, but that's downright stupid and I won't do it.

I see there's a thumbnailing plugin out there (probably based on Imagemagick). But it needs someone else to upload things via FTP first. Which might be workable and might not be. But it brings to mind exactly what I would like in this functionality.

I would like, beyond anything else, to be able to input the URL of an image, have it find it, give me the dimensions of the image, and let me set the dimensions of the thumbnail. It then would save the thumbnail and let me put in the link to the page the original came from, and stick that into a post for me to write. Preferably with settings that would let me decide alignment, hspace and the like.

That would make my life tremendously easier, and it's vastly beyond my ability to code. And yet, I suspect it wouldn't be hard to code.

I wonder if there's anyone out there I could pay to do this thing for me. Thoughts?


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If the upload directory is writable and you have uploads enabled in the options then there should be an upload tab in the menu that allows creation of a thumbnail when you upload.

You know, the fact that within a couple of minutes of my posting this I heard from the developer of Wordpress (which, admittedly, might have been due to a trackback) might be the coolest thing that's happened so far this year. On the other hand, it's January 2.

Matt -- that makes it a lot more likely I'm going to do this. Possibly right after finishing up the Story Shortbread. I should mention, though, that I can't for the life of me find anything in your docs or on the wiki about uploading.

Well! Don't I just feel stupid.

It's bizarre how once you hear about something, THAT'S when you start hearing references to it over an over again. I've been trying to switch RL over to wordpress for the ranting for a month or two, but in my case, I'm running on such a crappy server that it all but killed it. Once the new server setup goes live, it's back to WordPress with me! I love it. :)

Actually, there are plugins for Wordpress that indeed allow you upload images, etc... -- I skip them though and just FTP images for my blog to a folder I source to just for the blog posts. But there are several plugins for Wordpress--- I recently changed YIRBLOG to WP and couldnt be happier with it.

I had a response to Eric's post worked out in my head, but then I read the comments and discovered that none other than PhotoMatt himself beat me to it. :)

Swing by the Eyrie chatserver tonight, Eric, and I can walk you through the installation.

I've been using WordPress for a couple of months now. It's a neat system, and there really are some great hacks available -- the threaded comments plugin, for example.

I think you'll be pretty happy with it.

Why didn't anyone tell me about this WordPress before I installed Movable Type last week? :D

I'm surprised your requirements necessitated a pay license.

The state of image processing was what kept me away from WP for Mandyworld; may need to reconsider.

WLP's new Web Glob is a WordPress job, provided free courtesy of our web host. However, I haven't been able to make heads or tails out of the layout system; I want to change the fonts and layouts a bit, but the code the page is in is almost solid script, no HTML that I can recognize, and finding out what other downloadable layouts LOOK like, much less how to install 'em, has proven impossible.

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