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This week has at last ended...

...and I'm feeling better tonight. I'm in Maine, having seen the family for festivities. My sister and both her daughters are now firm Todd and Penguin fans, to the point where one niece (the one sitting next to me) punctuated several statements with "so... I guess there aren't any cookies then?" I'm working on getting them to read Count Your Sheep.

With a little luck, I'll be far more myself in the upcoming week. Certainly I'd have to be feeling better, which means more concentrated and tons more writing. (I looked back at this week and just kind of shook my head. I'm glad I did the Rabbit Hole thing or else it'd practically be a wash on the writing front. And there aren't many washes on the writing front for me, usually.

Have a lovely tomorrow, all!


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Since you've been sick this past week(glad you're feeling better, chief) I thought I'd mention mister J. Grant has had a flurry of updates.

http://flem.keenspace.com/d/20050117.html marks the beginning of an 'ad' for his next Comixpress.com endeavor, Darkness and Light.

After that he's put up a Timmy Kat preview.

I wouldn't recommend exploring his site too much, folks, if you're easily offended.(Or get offended at all, really.).

Happy (belated) birthday, Eric.

-Chris W.

Does this mean that we can start looking forward to the Story and Toolbox shortbread lists soon?

Good to hear you're feeling better, it's been hard for us snarkaholics to go without our regular daily allowance of Websnark.

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