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Sweet, sweet resolution...

(From Todd and Penguin. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Innocent Revelations.)

One of the things I really like about David Wright is his ability to convincingly write innocence. See, there's lots of innocent cartoon characters out there, but all too often they seem... I dunno. Artificial. Like the television shows you see where adults write childrens' dialogue for children the way they think children actually speak. And adults then grin and say "yes! That's perfect." And children stare at the screen, turn to each other, and say "what the fuck was that? Jesus, do adults think we're retarded?"

And then, there's someone like Wright, whose Penguin is innocent, and comes across perfectly convincingly. His innocence has a dark edge (well, if we assume that Mr. Bear's yearnings to maul the humans come from Penguin's imagination), but it's sincere. And so, when he blurts out the fact that Todd bought Holly an engagement ring which he never gave to Holly because she announced she was going away to England... it was done not to force the issue out into the open, but because Penguin really wanted to know the answer, and didn't really know any better.

And now the issue is out into the open. And Wright's got me hooked. I really want to see the next several strips, and see how this plays out. I know the sweet ending would have that ring on Holly's finger... that's how it would work in Penguin's world. But the strip's name is Todd and Penguin, and Todd's life is typically Hell.

So, I expect Holly is going to leave, and there will be an air of "might have been" making her departure bittersweet. And if that happens, it'll be a good thing for the strip.

But I hope Holly has that ring on her finger, whether she leaves or not.

Wright's hooked me something fierce. Wednesday can't come fast enough.


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As soon as I read Todd and Penguin, I rushed over here to see if you had commented on it, and sure enough! you had.

Man, I don't want to wait until Wednesday to find out Holly's reaction, particularly when she finds out that Todd's had that ring for a while.

I'm with you, though. I don't see Todd and Penguin moving to England, and I don't see Holly giving up that opportunity. I can almost taste the bittersweet heart-breaking from here.

Tp quote the Simpsons: "If you run the tape in slow-motion, you can see the exact moment his heart breaks into a million pieces!"

Oh my GOD! Did you see today's yet?

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