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Some days, I'm just too tired...

...and this is one of those days. Work was a grind, and I'm still pretty exhausted from the slog home last night.

I did play some City of Heroes, but just long enough to earn the second 'event' badge for the Winter Lord attack. Said Winter Lord attack has been underwhelming at best, though the 'snowball' power was practically worth the price of admission.

Maybe next year.

G'night. Snarking tomorrow.


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I'm not even bothering going for the minion badge--but the Snowball power is wonderful. What I'd really love to see is snow all over the city, and the ponds frozen over. I so want to go ice-skating.

I find that ol' Frosty, for as long as he lasts, is a great way to get beginning characters past the annoying toddler stage; up to about level 11 he's good for half a level's worth of XP per kill if your group gets a decent amount of hits in. More so at the lower levels, since the XP you get for giant monsters doesn't scale with level differences.

Aside from my mains, for the sake of completeness, I only really worried about getting both badges for the Ice Tanker and Ice Blaster characters I created to harvest the free respec. After all, they're the ones for whom they're most appropriate...

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