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Some days...

...you just don't have anything to say.

Tomorrow night, I'm making the trek out to the Haymarket Bookstore Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts, as I mentioned. I'm going to see the Dumbrella soiree, including people with the surnames of Rosenberg, Rowland, Stevens and Allison, and see what they have to say to we the public. I'm told a fellow with the last name of Jacques will also be in attendance, though not perhaps on the dias so much as hanging back and heckling, and there's a couple of Snarkoleptics who have mentioned they may make the trek as well.

Other than that... there were many good strips today, but none said "snark me." I did get some work done on that short story, though -- so it's not a complete wash.

Out of curiosity... in the spirit of such era-defining terms as the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Victorian Age and so forth... what do people think of a future group of historians and lit scholars referring to the main body of the 20th Century as "the Convolution?"

If you like it, the credit goes to my friend Chris Angelini. If you don't, it's my fault.

EDIT: Technically, though I wrote this post on the 12th, I accidentally saved it to draft instead of publish, so it only appeared after midnight. So technically I didn't post on the 12th at all. But I wrote this on the 12th, so damn it, I say it counts.


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I'd be more worried that they'd refer to it as "The Convulsion."

I really hoping that we, as a species, can put all of the negative parts of the last two hundred years behind us (Theocracies, nationalism, untouchable multinationals, Fox News...) and get back to the full time job of evolving away from the apes.

But since I'm a pessimist, I forsee World War Three breaking out before I die. As the anachronisms I mentioned above make one last grasp for power.

Speaking of Mr. Jacques and the Haymarket, is that the inspiration for the coffee bar in Questionable Content? I kind of suspected it might be, when I found out he was local to Northampton.

Wish I could go... but I'm housesitting for my parents, and it's a wee bit of a commute to central Massachusetts! *chuckle* Give them my best. :)


The Haymarket could very well be the inspiration, as Jacques said people who know Northampton would recognize the coffee shop.

And I will be there too, even though no one knows me. :)

"...and get back to the full time job of evolving away from the apes."

We've got a ways to go. After all, we still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

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