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So help me God, there's something cute about decapitated LEGO.

(From Irregular Webcomic. Click on the thumbnail for full sized expressions of mourning!)

Just when you thought only Schlock Mercenary can feature primary character death with repercussions, Irregular Webcomic steps up! I mean, who is going to fly the ship? Who will get Paris's cabin?

My favorite part is they're in cyberspace to essentially run a patch upgrade to their systems OS, and then the guys started screwing around with virtual laser swords and then killed off the pilot. Frankly, as someone who works in IT, I'm surprised we don't have more "screwing around" based fatalities.

Don't believe me? Remember, Livejournal's catastrophic loss of power and multiple day downtime was caused by someone essentially screwing around with the Big Red Button. And it's happened twice. If there had been a laser sword rack in Internap's cluster room, someone would be headless now.

Also? If there were a laser sword rack in Internap's cluster room? I would so have a resume in their HR department right now. Which highlights the essentially truth of this strip, doesn't it?


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