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So, do we call his hit count "nielson ratings" now, or is that unique visitors?

(From WIGU-TV. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Science Cop!)

When Jeffrey Rowland ended Wigu, it ended with young Wigu Tinkle deciding to watch an episode of Science Cop instead of Magical Adventures in Space. Wigu was beginning to grow up, or at least outgrow Topato and Sheriff Pony. (Or, subconsciously had figured out the pair wasn't exactly helping him most of the time.) Topato and Sheriff Pony briefly mourned, and went out into the world to find a new young lad to get to know, protect and meddle in the affairs of in such a way to keep a healthy cashflow from merchandising coming in to Butter Dimension Quad.

Now, Wigu has ended. And yet, we're now seeing the world through Wigu Tinkle's eyes all the more. Literally, because he's squatting on the couch watching television, and we're watching with him. Specifically, the W-I-G-U Television station, thus recycling an acronym that Rowland has used since When I Grow Up.

I don't know that we're literally supposed to imagine ourselves as Wigu Tinkle, watching television, mind. It seems more likely that this is just what the station is broadcasting, but it's a nice bit of continuity between the two series -- specifically, a bit of continuity that couldn't possibly make any less difference to anything, and that's the best kind of continuity of all.

So, clearly WIGU-TV is going to show television shows, letting Rowland do things while he enjoys them, then letting him switch channels or programs when he's ready for a change. And he's shown skill at doing rapid setup -- in two days of "Science Cop," he's set up the premise, gotten Science Cop on the scene, and done a Kevin Costner joke.

And it's fun. It's clearly fun.

This opens a lot of doors for Rowland. If he wants to do any kind of story, he can, just by switching programs. If he gets a yen to do a Magical Adventures in Space episode, he can. If he wants to do the news, he can. If he wants to do riffs on Reality Television, he can. If he wants to keep us updated on the casts of Wigu or When I Grow Up, he can cut to news bulletins about the shirtless man who just foiled a bank robbery with the help of a small black boy who rapped himself into a seizure, freaking the crooks into surrendering.

Or he can never touch the old stuff again. It's literally what he feels like doing, when he feels like doing it, and from the look of things, he can execute humor in short form with the best, in this new format.

I'm feeling really good about WIGU-TV. This is one to watch.


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I'm really excited about the potential WIGU-TV has.

It looks like he's already decided what to show next: "American Platypus."

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