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Say what you like about Scott Kurtz -- the man *does* learn from experience

In today's rant over at PvP, Scott Kurtz talks a little bit about his choices during the recent NCSoft/Marvel trial storyline he's been doing. And for the most part, I agree with Kurtz's take on his work -- he didn't set a side, he lampooned the situation as a whole. And while I personally think the Marvel suit is a load of dingo's kidney's -- I've seen the City of Heroes folks nuke names and designs that go over the line, and no doubt they've been getting better and more strict about it -- I can appreciate the humor of even the Marvel-oriented strips.

At the end of the rant, however, he threw in the following:

If there is one thing flawed about the Graphamaximo storyline, it's that I didn't take equal time to lampoon mainstream comics and their self-impoorance along side the alternative crowd

Now, I know how people reacted to that storyline. I know how the alternative/independents reacted, and I know how people reacted against the alternative/independents. And I know that somehow, that sentence just pissed both groups off all over again. That's the nature of the beast.

But I think he's right. If he'd actually devoted some time not to saying how the Alternatives were right, but how the Mainstream is also fucked up... it would have taken a lot of the curse off that storyline. Because Kurtz is right. He's not a political satirist, and he's not trying to convert people. He's trying to make them laugh.

And the best way to do that is to apply the shaft to everyone. That's what brings the Funny, in the end.

Really, it's one of the areas Checkerboard Nightmare shines in. Straub may like you or hate you, but if he makes reference to you, it's to mercilessly make fun of you. Same with Penny Arcade, really.

Obviously, the Graphimaximo ship sailed a long time ago, but it's just good to see that Kurtz learned the right lesson from it -- not to stop cracking on folks, but to spread the cracks around.

Yeah, that might mean sooner or later he might do a sequence where he cracks on self-important bloggers whose only claim to expertise is their successful installation of Movable Type. And if he goes down that path, I can only hope I get to have Brent cut me down to size while drinking expensive pretentious coffee and using his expensive pretentious Macintosh.

But that may be because I'm typing on my Powerbook in a coffee shop drinking a tall vanilla latte.


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It's a medium.

Nah, I'm in a poseur shop, so we're back to Short, Tall and Grande. And I am a poseur.

At the moment, I'm finishing off a Grande decaf Chai.

Using the word "chai" instantly qualifies you for poseurhood, since it simply means "tea" in various languages.

So you dilute sting to everybody, the humor to make it more effective?


Homeopathic medicine is haunting us again.

Well that makes sense, because homeopathy is pretty fucking hillarious.

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