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On the other hand, look at all those breasts. How sad can EDG be when surrounded by all those breasts?

(From Gaming Guardians. Click on the thumbnail for full sized bad potential situation.)

I've been frustrated as Hell by Gaming Guardians recently, because it's been really good, and yet I've never had that perfect strip to snark. This is a sad thing for me -- you want to snark the actually good perfect strip that pulls in the reader if you're grooving on the plot, and yet there's been no perfect strip for that.

This isn't Greg and Webtroll's problem. They're paying off years of setup with Greg/Unprodigal/Jester, and they've been doing it well. But the problem with payoff storylines is there's no good hook for new readers to come in. And yet, this sequence deserves them. For the first time, I feel like I understand what's going on with the Unprodigal and the Jester, and it's all tying together. There's glimpses of the original Greg/EDG dynamic, and yet there's glimpses of just how different they've become. There's still a sense of evil involved....

I don't know where it's going next, but I'm liking it. The Ultima additions are good ones. From here, almost anything can happen and I'm still going to like it. And yet, I'm not sure this was the right strip to snark.

Well, the Hell with it, Graveyard Greg and Webtroll are doing well and have my interest. Honestly, what more can I ask?


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Uh. I seemed to remember you mentioning you shared your birthday with Lewis Carroll sometime ago, but now I can't seem to find the entry, so I risk humiliating myself with this.

Happy Birthday! And happy Down the Rabbit Hole day too (on LJ)! Hope you enjoy the day and the webcomics that come your way.

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