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Meet the Snarker!

It's now official. I'm going to be one of the guests at Arisia 2005 January 21-23 in Boston, Mass of the Chusetts. Other Webcomics luminaries will be on hand as well, including Alexander Danner of Picture Story Theater and Graphic Novel Review, Kelly Cooper, who's an editor and extremely cool person over at Comixpedia (and also, as it turns out, an author from Dragon's Inn, so I'll have to ask if she knows some folks I know who used to be involved with it), and many others.

There will be much fun, many good times, lots of shopping opportunities, and sooner or later, I will find Skunk Porn.

I always find Skunk Porn at conventions. I don't go looking for it. It finds me. It scares me.

So, if you're anywhere in or around Boston, come on down and have some fun.


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Have you tried bringing skunk porn with you? I'm sure we could dig up something reasonably well done in the higher end furry porn, and then you can shove it in your backpack and take it with you, thereby appeasing the mighty Skunk Porn Gods. Sort of a skunk-porn-vaccination!

Just hide it really well, or people may get a little creeped out.

"People" may get a little creeped out?

(On the other hand, the whole concept of a Pornography Firewall inspires a story...)

Sweet! Hope to see you around at the con!

I'm so tempted to take a picture of a skunk, photoshop on a pair of dogpants onto it, and bring it to Arisia just to amuse you, Eric. ;)

Not to mention I'm tempted to go to Arisia... hmm, wonder if I could afford it...

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