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Me am big reviewer guy.

Illness and fatigue (my all purpose excuse) conspired to prevent me from mentioning that my review of Goats went up on Sunday over at Comixpedia. I'd be appreciative if you'd have a looksee, and then look at many of the other articles and thingies. There's also an interview with Kris Straub and Chex which explains much, and Ping Teo's launched a new cartoon which distills the Essence of... well, things. That's right. There's an actual comic in Comixpedia. It only took... what, two years to make that connection?

(I'm going to be choked to death.)


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Heh. I never thought of it that way ;)

The first actual comic on Comixpedia! Whoo!

Well, first *ongoing* comic at any rate. There have been a hadful of comics-form features on Comixpedia before. I know Erik Milliking did one, and then later did a comics-form debate with someone else -- Justin Pierce, I think.

Heh. There goes pricked balloon!

Incidentally, the only one I really remember is the parody Dalton Wemble of gaming comics.

Dude ... Zamphir has, like, totally called you out.

Is there going to be a rumble?

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