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Live from the Internet Room at Arisia... your reporters are stuck.

So I checked out of my room. I called for my car. I went downstairs, because I know that it's going to take many hours of driving to get to New Hampshire with all the blizzard and snow.

And I discovered, upon trying to leave, that the police were turning motorists away.

So, I'm still at the con, until at least six pm, my luggage safely in my car, and me broke and tired.

Pray for me. Pray for Bobo.

On the plus side, I got measured for a utilikilt. It was... liberating.


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Drive safely, Eric. My friend has to go to work driving in this stuff and it's a State Emergency. Go figure, but the management are idiots in almost all workplaces. Anyway, you be careful on the roads, okay?

Eric -- to reiterate my offer of earlier, you're welcome to crash at my place. It's free, and it's T accessible, so you won't need to drive to get here. You've got my e-mail, and you should have my phone number. Let me know if you're interested.

That's very tempting, Alexander. Let me see how the roads are at 6 and how I'm feeling -- if it's not looking ideal, I'll give you a ring.

Ooohh... a utilikilt. Those are spiffy. I might treat myself to one after I've shed a few pounds.

Also, safe driving, be it tonight or tomorrow.

I think that would be "Pray for Mojo," actually.

- Z

All men look sexy in kilts.. fat, thin, short, tall, good knees, knobbly knees.. We Scots knew what we were doing :)

I have the perfect photo for the caption "Erik found his new kilt... liberating!"

Now I need to get my laptop back online.

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