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Is this Journalist Snarky or Public Speaker Snarky? Either way -- Arisia lives!

Arisia is almost upon us! I'm going to be at a panel called Don't Forget the Comics tomorrow at 9:00 PM in Franklin, moderated by the always superior Kelly J. Cooper. Her description:

Don't Forget the Comics: Comic books in all their forms, including graphic novels and trade paperback collections, cover many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, espionage, etc. Comics can be beautifully strange works of art, superhero-packed adventures, scathing political screeds, gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans stories, works of base horror or great humor. Join our comics experts to discuss the medium and listen to their recommendations.

Then, on Saturday, I have a 1:00 panel moderated by Graphic Novel Review editor Alexander J. Danner on Webcomics. That information:

Certainly everyone's heard of Sluggy Freelance, PvP, Penny Arcade, Something Positive, and other staples of the webcomic world, some of which have already made a successful movement to print media (PvP for one). But webcomics today are more than cubicle humor for server administrators and bored college students. How have webcomics made titles possible which might not have succeeded in print? How has the webcomic transformed the graphic novel marketplace? Has it, in fact? Answers to all these questions and more from writers and artists behind Teaching Baby Paranoia, Picture Story Theatre, Streets of Northampton, and the critic Steven Withrow, author of the book _Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning_.

I have no idea if they'll actually mention Websnark in the revised description or not. My bio, sans all the humor, is in the program guide.

I believe I'm on a third panel as well, but I can't tell you what it is at this point. More as I know more. Oh, and Saturday Afternoon/Evening, I'm going to hook up with fellow Superguy Alumni at an undisclosed location, but that's not a public event. So hah hah!


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Actually, while I did most of the organizing for the panel, I won't be the one moderating. My friend Val will be doing that.

And...my middle initial is "J" ?!?! News to me! I wonder what it stands for? =)

Those sound good. :) Will there be transcripts of the questions and answers available afterwards?

I know Joe Zabel was trying to get someone to record it, so that he could run it in the Webcomics Examiner. I don't think he was able to find anyone with the right equipment though.

If anyone reading here is able to make such a recording, let me know, and I'll do what I can to facilitate.

Oh, send someone with an iPod and one of those Griffin mic thingies. It's the Brent thing to do.


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