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Ira Glass: Lifesaver

The event took place, was quite good, and I made it home alive, despite evil fog, one moment of adrenalin, and some serious thought of pulling over and going to sleep.

The reason I didn't was because I was actively enjoying the This American Life episodes I was listening to, so I didn't want to stop until the given story/essay I was on was over. And when it ended, I glazed over the interstitial and found myself in the next story.

Oh, and they're breeding biblical cows, and those cows are going to cause the end of the world. And the thing is, it's perfectly plausible. So now I'm going to have nightmares about cows.

Oh, also? Webcartoonists have the ability to cause beautiful women to come out to see them in the rain.

Full writeup tomorrow. Action Stalker Journalist Burns going to sleep.


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"They"? "Biblical cows"? Hunh? Mr. Burns, you need to get some sleep...and then once your brain is working again let us know what the heck you're talking about...if this world is going to be destroyed by apocalyptic cows, I wanna know about it, man.

Actually, you don't have to wait for Eric to arise from his nigh-braindead comatose state to learn all about Apocalypse Cows! Assuming you have RealPlayer or something, you can click here and listen to yer heart's content.

Ira Glass is my hero because he was one of the first to convince me that you can be a weird, flaky guy who talks a lot and overanalyzes the crap out of things and still be pretty likeable.

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