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If you're not following, by definition aren't you leading -- even if no one's following you?

(From Sinister Bedfellows. Click on the thumbnail for full sized leadership!)

Someone might ask if there was some reason I snarked this on the day of the American inauguration.

Someone might ask, anyway.

The thing I love about Sinister Bedfellows is the "found art" element of it. This isn't a pose, it's a photo, but Mckenzee makes it art. That still just blows me away.


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I enjoyed browsing through these archives. There aren't many so it didn't take to long. The one question that came up in my mind was, is this comic art or is this a different art form? I don't mean the question as any attack on the strip. I think it's brilliant and entertaining. I just wonder if this would count as a comic because the majority of these strips don't imply a change in time from panel to panel. I always thought that was a necessity of the comic form. The panel breaks seem to just segment the picture for visual sake rather then as a device for time passing. Granted there are a few exceptions in the archives, but for the most part they follow this.

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