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Humor! Or something like it.

The break is over, and so Comixpedia is back with their next issue. In this case, it's the Humor issue. And, because I have people who love me this much, I've gotten a couple of concerned letters that Feeding Snarky wasn't in this week's dispatch.

Well, there's a couple of reasons for that. The official reason is the inauguration of Through the Looking Back Glass by Erik Melander. (The Eric Conspiracy continues to gain strength in the virtual world. Mu hu ha ha ha!) This column replaces the monthly roundups that were on 24 hour pixel people, now that the pixel people have moved off to the Grey Havens, and it only makes sense that this column would appear in the first bit of issue, since it's all about the last month.

The unofficial reason is I was desperately late with it and another article I did, this month. Frankly, I'm lucky they don't throw me out. But Erik's new column is spiffy, so read it. And I'll be along by and by.

(It scares me anyone even notices I wasn't in the first week, to be honest.)

Anyhow, in addition to Erik's new column, I'll mention that T. Campbell has a spiffy Humor Roundtable, with many of the people I think are demonstrably superior to other life on Earth talking about what they thing is The Funny what can be Brought. This includes R. Milholland, M. Campos, D. Wright, J. Troutman, B. Guigar, and R. North, all of whom are people whose 'things' I read every day they put them out. Which to me means "yay." And, the Incontestable Wednesday White returns with a Review of Questionable Content, which makes it a review of a strip I like by the finest mind in Webcomics Commentary. This, to me, is cake. Sweet sweet cake.

I should mention the new site design. I should, but it seems kindest not to. Though it seems to be in evolution, so I have hopes. (I especially have hopes that the links will become the same size as the body text, in Firefox.)

Finally, going back to the Tuesday Morning Update, there's a mention that the Dumbrella folks -- particularly Jeff Rowland, Rich Stevens, John Allison and Jon Rosenberg -- will be in Northampton, Massachusetts on Thursday night. Now, that's... hrm. 3 or so hours from where I sit, which is a significant jaunt. On the other hand, while it's certainly conceivable I'll get a chance to meet some of these folks, John Allison has elected to live in an entirely different country across a great heap of water, and it seems like I should see him in the flesh before I die. If I make this trek, it'll be to sit in the back of the room and not be noticed, since... well, this isn't my event, and besides, no one wants to see me in a coffee shop. I figure it's even odds I wouldn't even say hello to most of the artist types. (Because... well, I'm shy and they're mighty. Also, Jeff Rowland possesses spider powers, whereas I possess a cat.) Well, except for Jon Rosenberg, but that's because I would need to buy him a beverage that adults enjoy.

We'll see. In the meantime, Comixpedia. Go. Enjoy.


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You should come hang out, Eric! I'll be there as well since I live all of ten minutes away. It's going to be a lot of fun I think!

And Jeph Jacques?

Clearly, I'm going to this thing.

(I had no idea you were in Mass. How did I miss that? Very cool. I want to take Randy Milholland and Alexander Danner bowling some night -- against their very will if need be. Clearly I'll need to kidnap you too.)

At an hour and half away, this is close enough to be really tantalizing, and yet still too far off for me to drag my wife out on a work night (she drives, I don't, and she has to be in Providence at 9:00 the next morning).

Hmm, sad thing is, I lived in Massachusetts for 30 years and I'm not sure where that is. Fortunately, I'm only one state up now...

I should mention the new site design.

...you mean how it sorta looks like it was thrown up on by a reticently apologetic yet nauseated duck?

The design is, yes, a work in progress.

oh, good heavens. I love the way Aeire expressed that, there. I mean, even without having seen the site, it gives such an amazing *visual.*

Darn, I wish I could come to this thingy in Massachusetts... but see, Texas is a bit of a stretch, dangit. bah!

You know Eric, those guys are ALWAYS at Comic-Con in San Diego. If you've never been, it's one of those things that someone like yourself should REAAALLLY save up the money and go to. :D

Since the old look had white text on a white background, I can't see the new look as anything but an improvement.

*blinks* Okay, having checked out the link... I'm confused. Does it just mean that the "Dumbrella" gang are going to be hanging out at Haymarket Cafe? Is it some official thing or is it just anyone can show up?

Rob, who fondly remembers ComicCon 2002...

Bo: which browser were you using? The "old look" was troublesome for a few people, but the only one I can distinctly remember was a WebTV user.

(Full disclosure: I'm involved with the redesign project, but didn't have time to get deep into the current iteration. I wasn't involved with the last design, though -- that's purely me being nerdy.)

Tangent: anyone can just show up.

I recommend the Haymarket Nachos, 911 smoothie, and their mochas. Tasty stuff.

Mr. Jacques -- do they happen to have wifi?

I think they have some sort of wireless access point in place, but I've never tried it there so I'm not sure how exactly they have it set up.

(Full disclosure: I'm involved with the redesign project, but didn't have time to get deep into the current iteration. I wasn't involved with the last design, though -- that's purely me being nerdy.)

Eep. Sorry about the duck comment then, but oy - that color does nothing at all for me. I really liked the old black and white setup.

Uh... Eric didn't update on the 12th. That's like a first or something, isn't it?

Eric didn't?

Crap. Set the post to draft instead of send. Time for REVISIONIST HISTORY!

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